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Hollywood actor Bastiano Farran follows Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Thor Diet’ for his next flick!

There’s no denying that Australian star Chris Hemsworth is one of the most fittest actors in the showbiz. He is widely followed by a myriad of fans globally for his chiselled workout regimes. As Chris creates a wave for his upcoming flick ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, he put on an extra 30 pounds to look bulkier in the film. Taking cues from him, actor Bastiano Farran is set to follow the ‘Thor Diet’ and workout rigorously for two weeks to prepare for a role in his next role in the movie a Holiday Twist, directed by Stephanie Garvin. 

Bastiano Farran has to gain 10 pounds of muscle before the movie for his role as Philip, a “Hot Driver”. And there’s nobody better than Chris Hemsworth to receive guidance and draw fitness inspiration from. Currently, Bastiano is spending a majority of his time hitting the gym with those dumbbells and bars to gain a considerable amount of muscle for his forthcoming flick. In addition, he is strictly following the diet regime that Hemsworth followed to get those gains. 

It may sound crazy, but the fact is that Bastiano has an intake of 4000 calories and 300 grams of protein daily. His breakfast comprises of salted caramel protein smoothie along with banana, oats, kale, collard greens and spinach. He says, “You need to eat the right food and most importantly eat clean. In my case, the amount of protein is high in proportion to carbs and fats.”

After a heavy breakfast, Bastiano moves toward the second meal of the day which is the pre-workout meal. It includes more chicken, green veggies and a minimum amount of brown rice. Bastiano’s pre-workout meal is usually light compared to the heavy breakfast that he has in the morning. After hitting the gym and lifting some heavy weights as inspired by Chris, he then consumes a post-workout meal including lamb chops with sweet potatoes.

Giving a break, Bastiano then has the fourth meal of the day in the evening. It consists of salmon with mushrooms and broccoli. If you thought that the meals would stop here, Farran has his fifth meal in the late evening which comprises chicken thighs, rice and veggies. 

To bring an end to his nutritional plan, Bastiano Farran has his sixth and final meal in the form of dark chocolate, peanut butter and medjool dates. With so much to consume followed by consistent workout sessions, Bastiano Farran hopes to meet the fitness goals through Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Thor Diet’.

Written by Digital Nod