Hoodie Allen Releases His New Album!

You may remember him from one of his songs, “All About It” featuring Ed Sheeran, or seeing him on the Boys of Zummer tour with Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa. Hoodie Allen has been independently rapping his way to the top since 2009, with countless EPs and now, a second studio album.

Evading the curse of the sophomore slump, Happy Camper shot up the iTunes charts when it was released, despite free downloads also being available on his website. Full of witty lyrics, it’s an album that you won’t be able to resist listening to over and over again.

Right from the beginning,  “Intro To Anxiety” sets the scene, kicking the album off with Hoodie’s usual clever lyrics that you’ll hear throughout the album and his music. There isn’t a lot of rap out there that can make you laugh-but this song, among many others will definitely get you to crack a grin.

The music video for “Are U Having Any Fun” featuring Meghan Tonjes was released the day before the album release, with a hilarious video game based storyline.

500 points to Hoodie for that ending alone!


Just when you thought the whole album would be a massive party, Hoodie wraps it up with “King to Me”, a heartfelt song for his father. Yet again, he proves to be a versatile artist with the ability to construct every track so perfectly to create different moods within one album. This has absolutely made us a bunch of very Happy Campers.

Want to listen to the rest of the album? Happy Camper is available on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud!

Hoodie Allen will also be touring North America with Blackbear and SuperDuperKyle.

Hoodie Allen Releases His New Album! 1

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