Hot New Music Alert: The Outrun release ‘Dirty Love’ EP

What happens when two members of a band are addicted to making music? Their free time becomes an awesome side project. That’s exactly what has happened to brothers Sean and Kieran Lemon of the band Room 94 – they’ve joined forces to create ‘The Outrun’. In a nut shell, The Outrun are a fun group, think Daft Punk meets DNCE. Think the sexiness of Room 94 mixed with an 80’s vibe.

This weekend, Sean and Kieran released a 5 track EP called Dirty Love. From start to finish, the EP is simply able to create that summer vibe at any time or any place. This EP is something totally unique, so we felt we should review it track by track for you.

  • Track 1) Dirty Love.

Straight off the mark, this song is just full of dimension and layers. From the second Kieran’s voice fades in to the funky guitar riff throughout, it is just simply brilliant. The beat gives you that summer late night party feeling.

  • Track 2) Fashion. 

A song about having a little too much to drink and finding the best looking person around. Although we can’t relate to this situation, ‘Fashion’ is one of our favourite songs off the EP, and of the year so far. It’s a little bit more funky then ‘Dirty Love’. It’s like nothing we’ve ever heard before, but in such a refreshing way.

  • Track 3) Boys & Girls

If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson’s BAD, you’ll love this track. That late 80’s synth, those killer vocals, and the lyrics that you’ll relate to. We can see this being an instant hit when played live.

  • Track 4) Is it Enough

Again, another funky future classic. The song is about all the questions you ask yourself in a new relationship. Wondering if things are enough or if it will just be the two of you has never sounded so much fun.

  • Track 5) Stole My Heart

So, this is our favourite track of the EP, and our favourite song in the past year. Each layer of sound combines perfectly to create this slightly softer track. Stole My Heart almost creates an atmosphere of calm when listening, and we’re sure it stole our heart.

Overall, this EP is something so very different. It will take you to the future and back to the 80’s. The Outrun are definitely a group to look out for this year!

You can stream ‘Dirty Love’ on Spotify now.

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Written by NikiSmith

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