How Alexis Parcells Is Redefining the Stigma Around Plastic Surgery

For anyone looking for a direction in their career, Dr. Alexis Parcells has one simple piece of advice: “Find your passion. Nothing in life is worth doing without love and passion.” For her, she was lucky enough to find her passion at a young age. After volunteering on a medical mission with Operation Smile to Morocco at just 16 years old, she knew she wanted to become a plastic surgeon, and enact change in the lives of her future patients. Once Dr. Parcells realized this, she’d stop at nothing to make it a reality. 

Dr. Parcells was never good at taking standardized tests. Because of this, she struggled to get into medical schools in the United States. Rather than giving up on her dream, she studied internationally, and eventually was able to enter into a plastic surgery residency, where she realized how much she enjoyed treating members of her community.

She was recently launched her own practice. Parcells Plastic Surgery, and there is arguably no one more deserving of their own successful practice than Dr. Parcells. She focuses on educating and empowering her patients, and provides them with the most up to date information on products, services and procedures so they can decide what’s best for their own body. She also works closely with her patients throughout the surgical process to help them restore a sense of femininity. 

Outside of her physical practice, Dr. Parcells works hard to advocate for women’s empowerment. She has a website,, specifically for breast cancer patients so they can better understand their reconstructive options. She’s also heavily involved as a volunteer, spending time with breast cancer organizations like Minette’s Angels, and Fashion for the Pink Crusade.

There have been several points along Dr. Alexis Parcells’s journey where she could’ve given up her dream of one day becoming a surgeon. But, she’s embraced these challenges in stride and has become a much stronger person as a result. She says, “You never really discover who you are or what you are made of until you’ve left your comfort zone. That’s where the fun starts.”

Dr. Parcells has overcome so much in her career up to this point, and she now focuses on helping other women overcome challenges in their lives. When asked about what’s next on her journey, she says, “I plan to continue my mission of empowering women to be their best selves. There should be no shame around the idea of plastic surgery, and I am going to work to make this a common belief.” 

Written by CelebMix