How Love Loren Emphasizes Quality and Design in their Lingerie

For women, lingerie can be tricky. Depending on style and taste, it is sometimes difficult to find lingerie designs that are just as tasteful and elegant as they are well-made and good quality. But one up-and-coming e-commerce brand is making waves with their simple, yet memorable designs that have been taking the internet by storm. Meet Love Loren.

Inspired by the owner’s desire to create lingerie that did not look cheap nor trashy, Love Loren was established in 2015 with simple designs that spoke to the power of femininity and delicateness. Known for lacy bralettes and delicate bodysuits that complement the curves of a woman’s body, the emerging women’s fashion retailer quickly gained a significant following on Facebook with 718K followers and 133K on Instagram. And while at first the brand might seem like just another fast fashion brand, what sets Love Loren apart from the rest is their commitment to sourcing the best possible materials and fabrics to make their designs. Taking quality, fabric, sourcing, fit, style and design all into account when creating new clothes and lingerie, unlike so many online women’s fashion retailers, Love Loren remains extremely selective in the clothes they choose to design and sell. And while each of the brand’s pieces are not “cheap,” their pricing is in fact affordable with price points that are reasonable and justified given the quality of their clothing.

And while they’re known for lingerie, the brand has since branched out into a line of dresses, bodysuits and tops, as well as some swimwear and accessories. As the brand continues to strive to find ways to make women feel beautiful, delicate, feminine and empowered all at once, Love Loren breaks barriers with their strong emphasis on the care and consideration that goes into every design. To browse their selection and to learn more about the brand, visit Love Loren for their latest styles or follow them on Instagram for updates on upcoming drops. 

Written by CelebMix