How Real Estate Entrepreneur Brosnan C. Hoban Keeps a Positive Outlook for the Future of the Industry

Over the last 12 months, the global economy has been a roller coaster with steep downturns and surprising upticks in unexpected markets, as attributed to the effects of the pandemic. The real estate market for one has seen huge success in the residential sector, whereas, in commercial, it has been a challenge nationwide. And though for some, these times have indeed been difficult, for one Pittsburgh-based commercial real estate entrepreneur, despite the challenges he and his business have faced, today, Brosnan C. Hoban has nothing but hope and enthusiasm for what the future holds. With multiple properties all over the greater Pittsburgh area, Hoban together with his tenants have stood together against the adversities brought on by the pandemic. 

“As an entrepreneur it is important to stay positive and clear your mind of any doubt or negativity that starts to creep in,” Hoban says. “As more people get vaccinated and businesses start to get back to full capacity, it gives me hope that 2021 will be an amazing year.”

And while it’s been easier said than done, Hoban has been adamant about remaining flexible, adapting to the ever-changing standards and goal posts. Amazingly enough, this time of change and uncertainty has helped the entrepreneur to learn and even take note of his own tenants’ struggles as their businesses have too been impacted in severe ways. 

“My tenants have inspired me in so many ways,” Hoban says. “They have fought through so much adversity during this pandemic and now see light at the end of the tunnel. Things are finally getting back to normal.”  

Hoban has been gracious enough through the pandemic, working with his tenants to provide them lower rent in order to help them survive through closure mandates and shutdowns. And as covid-19 vaccinations are becoming more readily available across the country, Hoban is already looking for ways to augment the success of his businesses and properties with new and improved adjustments that will ultimately help the re-opening of his businesses. 

“My biggest tenants are usually restaurants, so it is important to put new practices in place that will ensure a safe environment for their customers,” he says. “This means doing away with physical menus and adopting QR code menus that your phones can scan to prevent germs from passing along. It also means putting a heavy focus on take-out.”

Now with the future looking bright and covid-19 diminishing, Hoban is excited for what’s to come of his family’s business, Hoban Realty, with new opportunities already on the horizon. “I am very excited to start new projects and build new developments for people to enjoy with their friends and family. I am very optimistic about the future,” said Hoban. 
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Written by CelebMix