How To Create Werewolf Romance Books That Engage Readers

To me, paranormal romance books about werewolf are the epitome of fantasy novels. Whenever I need to catch a break from mundane activities, I simply succumb to wolf stories and suddenly, life gets better. It’s not that I’m not aware that what I read is pure fiction, but let’s face it! The fantasy world kicks the real world’s ass! Big time!

One of the best things about werewolf best novels is the fated mate’s allegory. Wolf people who never met before see each other and instantly fall in love. Even more intriguing and decadent is the lust and sexual tensions that build up right that second. It’s like an itch they need to scratch right away. And they do! How they do it brings forward steam and chills down the reader’s spine.

Apart from the steamy scenes, you also get magic, adventure, and mystery. Each story is an actual journey of the main character in finding peace and stability and overcoming all enemies. There are heroes who go from rags to riches, from lonely to popular, and from unwanted to coveted by everyone.

If werewolf romance books are your cup of tea and you fancy the idea of knowing how writers conceive staggering stories, keep reading this article. I’ll give you some pointers.

Tips For Writing Werewolf Romance Book

Writing good werewolf romance books can be fun and rewarding especially if your novel is successful. But, and there’s a big but here before you dive into writing your future masterpiece, there are some ground rules that you should consider when deciding to give your creativity a chance at resurfacing.

First things first. Werewolves are magisterial creatures. They belong to a pack, they mate and as soon as boys come of age, they get their wolves, they take their position as Alphas and search for their Luna.

A pack without a Luna is weak, and so will be your story if you don’t keep in mind that you will have to build a wonderful, well-rounded female character. She is usually the centerpiece of good werewolf romance books, making sure readers will love her personality.

Secondly, establish your plot. Werewolf fiction is unlimited, you can do anything you want with your characters, just give them meaning and, most of all, purpose in your storyline. The spectrum is wide but, if you’re unsure of what ploy you should choose, you can always check out another werewolf best novels. Getting a bit more insight into other stories will help you gain perspective.

Even more, have a clear understanding of mythology. Werewolves are humans who turn into wolves, which means they get the best of both worlds. You have so much to play with here, as werewolves are both fierce and sensitive, they are bulky but handsome, and they are brutal but also passionate.

And last, but not least, make sure your readers will be empathetic with your heroes. You will have to accentuate emotions on regular basis, and bluntly express what the leading characters have in mind so you can trigger that cathartic feeling.

There are plenty of werewolf romance books free out there, consider them your study cases for your own novel. Just make sure you pick the right ones.

Recommendations For Popular Romance Books

Good werewolf romance books can be found on the Dreame platform. There are tons of engaging novels read by millions of wolf bookworms that you can choose from. Here are some of my recommendations.

My Miracle Luna (Complete)

This is Rylee Duquesne’s story, a girl who was orphaned at ten years old by Alpha Eric Patterson of the Halfmoon Pack and turned into a slave by the same man. For eight years, Rylee was mistreated and abused, but she endured everything hoping that, once she turns eighteen years old, she would find her mate and leave her father’s murderer’s pack.

Unfortunately, she learns that the Moon Goddess paired her up with the infamous future Alpha of the Halfmoon Pack and Eric’s son, Ash. He quickly rejects her but regrets his decision when becoming aware of the fact that Rylee was in fact a true Alpha and a worthy future Luna.

Ash tries to reconnect with Rylee but the girl is being given a second chance mate, the handsome Alpha Wyatt Valencia of the Blue Lake, who is adamant in protecting the future Luna of his pack at all costs. Will Rylee embrace her future with Wyatt or return to the brutal Ash?

This story is simply amazing. I have read the book twice already. It has steam, great plot twists, and extremely detailed hot scenes. You can get great ideas for your book from this novel.

The Wanted Alpha by Unwise Owl (The Rogue Beginnings Series #2)

April is a firstborn Alpha, who turned into a rogue in order to hide from the people who hunted her. Her pursuers even killed her family in order to capture her, but they haven’t succeeded so far.

Trespassing a territory, April is caught by the Alpha who turns out to be her mate. His men imprison the girl and try to get as much information from her as possible. But April won’t have it. To protect the pack, she chooses to remain silent.

The only one who could get an honest answer from her is the Alpha, but he chooses to slap the girl during their first encounter, disappointed with the Moon Goddess for pairing him with a lowlife rogue.

When he learns about April’s true upbringing, he will regret treating her so poorly, but will she find it in her heart to forgive the man? This book is very different than the previous one, you get a different approach to a story and insight into a different kind of plot.

No matter what path you choose for your story, make sure you have loads of fun while writing! If you’re happy, your readers will be as well.







Written by Peter Jones