Humans Series Two, Episode Seven Recap: The War Begins

This series of Humans has been boisterous and bold. There’s nothing too small for this series, but this episode has really taken things to a whole new level. War is ready to begin but is anyone prepared for the sacrifices and the casualties?

If you haven’t read our previous recaps of episodes one, two, three, four, and five; we certainly recommend you read them first. Last week’s episode didn’t get a recap, and so, here’s our quick recap, just for you.

Episode Six Mini-Recap of Humans Series Two:

Episode six was another builder of an episode, all leading up to the war that was bound to happen in episode seven. Mia returned to the Hawkins family as Anita. Maddie sent them a code to bring her back as Mia. In doing so, she told Odi that he has to be strong to live in this world. Niska found Astrid and wants to settle down with her, even though they’re living on the run. The detectives look after the child, that they call Sam. Leo and Hester plan to rescue the other Synths that are locked inside the laboratory, but Maddie thinks it’s reckless.

That was the short mini recap of what happened, to catch you up. Especially, as the penultimate episode brought full-scale war.

Episode Seven Recap of Humans Series Two:

Starting this episode off is Maddie, played by Lucy Carless, deciding that the code she has recreated isn’t best off in Leo’s possession. Hester, played by Sonya Cassidy, suggests that she should force it out of Maddie, whilst Leo, played by Colin Morgan, doesn’t know what to do. It’s Mia, played by Gemma Chan, who tells Hester to stop hurting Maddie. It’s already the sign of Hester being out of control, especially where Leo is concerned.

Yet, this is where we see how much Mia has changed. She’s totally heartbroken, and as we know, that can change perceptions. Mia is totally on board with Leo and Hester’s plan, now that she is upset and isn’t thinking clearly because of her broken heart. She trusted someone, and that human threw it back in her face.

They come up with a plan, very different to that of what we were previously anticipating. It’s a much better thought-out plan, as Mia and Hester pretend that they’ve just “awoke” and the scientists come to find them. After various checks, they awake inside and they start to rescue all the other Synthetics.

They guide them to Leo who takes them outside, whilst Hester goes back inside to kill the people responsible. Mia follows in an attempt to stop her.

Meanwhile, the Hawkins family have troubles of their own; all the while trying to rescue Leo, Mia and Hester from their awful plan.

Maddie goes looking for Max, played by Ivanno Jeremiah. She finds him at a disused train park, where he has rescued a few other Synths, with the help of Flash, played by Ritu Arya. A cute moment unfolds, as Max agrees to help out Maddie in stopping this dangerous plan; Flash kisses him on the cheek, she later apologises but Max said that it was alright. Definitely relationship goals right there.

Laura Hawkins, played by Katherine Parkinson, goes looking for Niska, played by Emily Berrington. Yet, this is where Laura’s typical annoying character trait comes in, and she ends up leading the authorities to Niska’s home. Astrid, played by Bella Dayne, and Niska has to go on the run once again, as the police come after them. Niska has a life and someone worth living for, she has her own family, now. She has lost all faith in humanity, other than in Astrid; and doesn’t want to risk it all in trying to save Leo. Yet, Niska has a guilty conscious, whether she likes to admit it or not, and Leo will play on her mind until she has to find out if he is all right.

The Renie and Toby story took a turn for the worse. Played by Letitia Wright and Theo Stevenson respectively, the former beautifully expressed the emotions needed for her character. Renie realises how much of a toll being a Synthie has really been after Sophie’s words. Sophie, played by Pixie Davies, really cuts deep into Renie, announcing how she loves how she can close her emotions and she doesn’t have to care. She wants to grow up just like Renie, but Renie doesn’t want that; trying to hide behind the facade of a Synth is not easy, and we’ve seen her slip-up in the previous episodes, but this one really shows her mental capabilities, and how it leads her to consider committing suicide.

Yet, Toby saves the day, by stopping her, and announcing how good it is to meet the real Renie. Sophie doesn’t react to the fact that Renie is back to being human and not a Synthie, but it might help her lose her Synth-like qualities. That isn’t the only thing going on, Laura has pretty much lost the support of Joe, played by Tom Goodman-Hill; he cares for his family more than anything, and he is clearly building up a resistance to Synthetics; especially after one took over his job, Sophie wanting to be one, and everyone relying on them more than before. Could this break the family apart?

There’s also a sweet moment, as Maddie reads Odi’s note. He believes he isn’t strong enough to live in the world, that he doesn’t have a purpose anymore. Odi, played by Will Tudor, is a much-loved character, but he’s been dwindling around this series. He’s lost, and shows that not all Synths can deal with having feelings; yet, doesn’t it just show that it’s not just Synths, but we too can sometimes feel we aren’t strong enough to be in this world. They’ve only got one episode to go, but they could make Odi an inspiration to us all, to keep fighting; there is a place for him in this world, just like there is for every human, even when we feel like giving up.

The detective’s storyline has always been a bit on the outskirts. They’ve always been one step behind, even if DI Karen Voss, played by Ruth Bradley, is actually a Synth with feelings. Yet, meeting and looking after Sam, played by Billy Jenkins, the child Synth known as Seraph; DI Karen Voss decides she’s sick of looking in the mirror and seeing a dead woman; she wants to be human, and seeks help from Dr Athena Morrow.

Everything is leading into the Qualia laboratory. DI Karen Voss goes there and reveals to Dr Athena Morrow, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, that she is a Synth with the ability to feel and think for herself. She wants a new body, she wants to be a human, and the doctor believes she can help her out.

DI Pete Drummond, played by Neil Maskell, arrives home to be told by Sam that DI Karen Voss has gone to Qualia, so he rushes out to her. This is where everything goes wrong in a big finale of the penultimate episode.

Leo has been leading the rescued Synths away, but Dr Aveling, played by Claudia Harrison, has set off an alarm, which has sent out a force field, which kills any of the Synths that walk through it. Leo tells them to stop moving, but he has only managed to save a few rather than all of them. He crumbles to the ground as Max runs out to help him up and tell him everything’s all right.

Max was too late, but all hope is not lost, there’s still a few worthy of saving. As for Hester, she revealed to Leo that she has been killing people, but he hasn’t realised, even if she thought he knew. She went back inside to kill the ones responsible, and she finds Dr Aveling, who then takes her to Dr Athena Morrow.

In quite the standoff, we watch Dr Athena Morrow and DI Karen Voss, locked behind a glass door, whilst Hester threatens to kill Dr Aveling. DI Pete Drummond is there to save the day, talking to Hester and attempting to calm her down so a normal conversation can follow; but Hester is beyond being rationale and ends up killing Dr Aveling, and then stabbing DI Pete Drummond. She runs off, not long after Mia arrives on the scene. We watch DI Pete Drummond die in the arms of DI Karen Voss; what implications will this have on the detective in the following episode?

Mia runs after Hester and disables the force field. She leaves with Leo, Max, Maddie and the Synths that are still alive, but Hester can be seen annoyed that they’re leaving her behind. This vengeful Synth will totally want to get revenge; she doesn’t understand forgiveness. Although, how Mia escaped the laboratory before Hester is a questionable thought; did Hester get lost on the way out?

Another jampacked episode of Humans, leading up to what will surely be an explosive last episode.

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