Humans Series Two, Episode Five Recap: The Big Synth Secret

To start this recap off of episode five of series two of Humans; we find out that it was a hacked Synth that attacked the Hawkins’ family home; we totally didn’t guess that in our last recap.

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We may have got the electrician wrong, he was just a hacked synth; but we got it right with Ed’s reason for kidnapping Mia. Ed, played by Sam Palladio, is planning on selling Mia, played by Gemma Chan, to help fund his mother’s healthcare.

What a way to start this episode, scaring us into thinking this could be the end of Mia. However, after her struggle with Ed, where she ends up nearly strangling him to death – we totally don’t blame her – we see her connect herself to a phone before shutting down completely.

We later watch as Ed and his mate, Danny, played by Eric Kofi-Abrefa, attempt to sell Mia to Qualia, the company that is owned by Milo Khoury, played by Marshall Allman. However, Mia isn’t Mia anymore, instead, she’s Anita. At first thought, Ed thinks she’s faking it, but she’s not and the buyers call the police. She has totally done a factory reset; is Mia lost forever? Danny and Ed make a run for it, leaving Mia – or should we say, Anita? – to fend for herself on the side of the road.

As for Niska’s trial, it doesn’t look like it’s going her way. Niska, played by Emily Berrington, notices Laura Hawkins’, played by Katherine Parkinson, rapid heartbeat. After a talk, Laura tells Niska about the hacked Synth that came into her house and asked her to drop the case; which we saw in the previous episode. We watch Niska reading the lips of the people judging whether she’ll be trialled as a human, and believes it’s not going her way. She tells Laura “This won’t end the way you want it to”.

Niska ends up escaping and running away, after stating that they were never going to consider her as a human. Niska is on the run once again, and it looks like homo sapiens and Synthetics won’t coexist.

Putting that next to clever Mattie Hawkins, played by Lucy Carless, who has worked out how to speed up Niska’s released conscious code so that Synths will all become conscious at once; totally suggests all out war. Yet, she’s reluctant to do anything before getting in touch with Leo Elster, played by Colin Morgan.

Yet Leo has totally become tainted. Coerced by Hester, played by Sonya Cassidy, to do bad to humans; she’s now killed two people, threatened them to get information, and lied twice to Leo. He is totally turning a blind eye, especially when Hester decides she wants to feel pleasure; no wonder he stopped listening to Max when Hester can pleasure him in ways Max can’t.

So where’s Max? Played by Ivanno Jeremiah, he’s continuing his and Leo’s previous plan of rescuing conscious Synths. Now there are three groups after these Synths as they wake up. We watch a house Synth, Flash, played by Ritu Arya, be bullied by two children. She becomes conscious and turns round and tells Arvinder, played by Oliver Bodur, that he has to be nicer. Then she walks out of the house and meets up with Max. Could this be a Synth relationship in the making? They certainly look good together.

Talking about relationships, what’s happening with Toby Hawkins, played by Theo Stevenson, and Renie, played by Letitia Wright? Well, she ends up taking him to her house, her parents are away so she’s got the house to herself. She gives Toby an 18+ card so he can access Synth sexual talk with Renie, and that’s when she kisses him. He stops her and tells her that he wants to get to know the real her and not the Synth version of herself.

Joe Hawkins, played by Tom Goodman-Hill, takes the family to a Synth-free town, hoping to help Sophie, played by Pixie Davies, stop imitating Synth behaviour; although it totally doesn’t work as she asks Renie how she got her green eyes. Later Sophie draws green eyes on her mirror.

As for DI Karen Voss, played by Ruth Bradley, and DI Pete Drummond, played by Neil Maskell; their relationship is on the rocks. She wants to stay in her lie; she wants to be DI Karen Voss, the human; not DI Karen Voss the Synth. She complains that Pete isn’t lettering her forget about being a Synth; that the relationship isn’t going anywhere; they can’t grow old together; they can’t have children. Yet, he’s hooked on this conscious Synthetic case and won’t let it drop.

After a nail-biting car chase, that leaves us on the edge of our seat; we watch DI Pete Drummond stumble across a secret we never even knew ourselves, at the exact same time that Dr Athena Morrow does.

Dr Athena Morrow, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, is currently researching at the lab. In one scene, we watch as she’s told that her daughter has died at the hospital. Later, she tells Vee, voiced by Chloe Wicks, that the waterfall Vee has been thinking of isn’t just any waterfall. It’s the waterfall that Dr Athena Morrow and her daughter visited. She tells Vee that through brain scans and trial and error, she made code react the way her daughter would, that code expanded into Vee. That heartwarming scene expands into Vee opening locked doors in the lab for the doctor.

This is where it gets even more intriguing. In an explore of the laboratory, Dr Athena Morrow stumbles across a well-kept secret. Someone has been creating new Synths, and not just any Synthetics. These Synths are children. Adolescent Synths. What would be the use of these Synths? Maybe they could help teachers in school, if kids befriended child Synths and see them eager to learn, maybe grades will go up? Whatever the use of these Synths, one has escaped.

That’s right, remember DI Pete Drummond was in a car chase? He was lead to a playground, where a kid Synth was playing on one of the rocking horses. We can totally see both the detectives adopting one to help build their relationship; however, with Mattie ready to launch Synth consciousness all at the same time, what implications will that have on the child Synthetics?

This episode was jam-packed, so full that some storylines were left incomplete, especially Mia’s/Anita’s scenes that were totally too short for our liking. We can’t wait for episode six.

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