Humans Series Two, Episode Two Recap: Would We Allow Synths To Live Beside Us?

The second episode of the second series of Humans was shown last night on Channel 4. Developing the story line that was established in the first episode.

Starting it all off was Hester, played by Sonya Cassidy, trying to decide what is right and what is wrong. This is a choice we all have to make, we learn as children the difference between right and wrong, but Hester is only beginning to question rightfulness. Her child-like: “Why?” really showcases her mental age; she isn’t quite understanding.

Hester later makes an all-important decision. Can a synth feel guilt? We could initially be thought into thinking this is what Niska is feeling. Played by the incredible Emily Berrington, we later realise that Niska actually wants to pave the way for Synth rights. Especially since she has released the code with the ability to feel, into the world.

Hester’s decision to kill a man may just be detrimental to Niska’s entire case. But then again, just like humans, if there’s one bad Synth with feelings, that doesn’t make them all bad.

Over in San Fransisco, we learn a bit more about Carrie-Anne Moss’ character, Dr Athena Morrow. Her affection towards Vee, an artificial intelligence that she has created, voiced by Chloe Wicks, is much more than we first thought. Who is Vee to Dr Athena Morrow?

We watch her attempt to put Vee into a Synth, but when blue blood foams out of the Synth’s mouth, the doctor retracts Vee’s code, but not before the Synth takes a desperate grip on her arm.

In a talk with Milo Khoury, played by Marshall Allman, we find out that he has a great plan with the new and improved Synths; if only Dr Anthea Morrow can work out where they develop the feelings from. They’ve established that a new line of code has found its way into these Synths, if only they knew how. Dr Anthea Morrow believes the answer lies in the UK and wishes to be sent to England.

In the beach-side town of Westgate-on-Sea, Mia and Ed’s relationship is tested. Played by Gemma Chan and Sam Palladio respectively, Mia ends up fraudulently altering the bank’s computer system to allow Ed a bigger loan; this causes a backlash from Ed. Not only that but Ed realises Mia can lie; in addition to being able to feel, when she burns her hand on the grill.

Two favourite faces from series one return in this episode. DI Karen Voss, played by Ruth Bradley, and DS Pete Drummond, played by Neil Maskell, are feeling a carpet in a store, slightly getting distracted from buying a bed. It’s an important concept now we know DI Karen Voss is actually a Synth, but she plays a human very well.

It’s important to watch this human/Synth relationship if they can make it work, why can’t other people? Especially when the Synth in question has feelings. However, they will undoubtedly be pulled into Niska’s court case, since they were the detectives on the scene when Niska killed a guy; surely this will blow the case up more, especially since DI Karen Voss is a Synth herself.

The Hawkins family are totally crucial to the entire storyline. They’re attempting normalcy, but it’s not quite possible. Mia has made quite the impact on the entire family, especially Sophie, played by Pixie Davies, who impersonates Sythetic qualities throughout her daily life. She is not the only one in the world who is imitating Synths.

Yet, it’s Mattie Hawkins, played by Lucy Carless, who our love goes out for; specifically when she finds much-loved Synth, Odi, played by Will Tudor, who we met in series one. She finds him in a Synth junk yard or recycle centre, and plans on rebuilding him. She also has the code Niska sent out into the world; the code Dr Anthea Morrow is after. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up into the wrong hands.

Laura and Joe are still going to marriage counselling. Played by Katherine Parkinson and Tom Goodman-Hill respectively, they build on their relationship with the help of the Synth marriage counsellor. Joe’s support of Laura encourages her to represent Niska during her trials to prove she’s not just your average robotic Synth. Can she make the world a more even playing field by being tried as a human in a court of law?

Let’s be honest, this series has gone above and beyond like we never thought it could. The first series was epic; but with just two episodes in, this series has taken it to a whole new level. Not only that, but this series has humour throughout; whether it’s Joe commanding the marriage counsellor Synth to speak in different languages; or Mattie blackmailing her brother Toby, played by Theo Stevenson. We can guarantee this series is just going to get bigger, better and stronger.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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