Hunter Hayes Releases Brand New Single “You Should Be Loved” Featuring The Shadowboxers

We have new music from Hunter Hayes and we are ecstatic about it! This new single is a collaboration with The Shadowboxers, creating quite the soulful track. “You Should Be Loved” is out now and it’s one we can’t stop playing.

Through his email subscriptions, Hunter Hayes said of the track: “I am so thrilled for ‘You Should Be Loved’ to be the next song out. From the writing to the studio time to having The Shadowboxers on this song, it’s been such a pure process and labor of love for the lyric and musical side. I’m excited to have a little bit of the music I grew up around in Louisiana represented on this track and I’m so excited about having worked with my good buddy Sam Ellis on this. I hope you guys dig it!”

The song sees the young country star, Hunter Hayes, teaming up with the soulful five-piece pop group, The Shadowboxers. As a collaborative single it pushes Hunter Hayes into a more musical-mainstream genre. His recent releases have proven how much he has grown over the past few years.

As for The Shadowboxers, they currently consist of Adam Hoffman, Matt Lipkins, Scott Tyler, Cole McSween, and Carlos Enamorado. They’ve been going for many years and served as the backing band for the Indigo Girls as well as the opening act on the Indigo Girls’ tours. They have a number of releases and have this classic pop style to their music – which they certainly add to this infectious new single.

Listen To Hunter Hayes New Single “You Should Be Loved” Featuring The Shadowboxers Here:

Hunter Hayes has always impressed us with his amazing talent of flooding songs with emotion. “Wanted” is so unforgettable in every way because the song is so full of meaning. Yet again, he has gifted us with a full-on passionate song, one we can’t get out of our heads.

Collaborating with The Shadowboxers certainly expands his audience, allowing to see how versatile Hunter Hayes can be; managing to dip into a much more soulful side. It’s certainly a sweet song, one we wish Hunter Hayes or any of The Shadowboxers were actually singing to us, we can dream though. So honest, truthful, and uplifting to every single listener.

“You Should Be Loved” is available to download and stream right now. It follows up Hunter Hayes’ previous single “Rescue” – which has a similar bright blue single cover; we’re hoping this means a brand new album isn’t far off.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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