Ilinca releases music video for her single “Nu acum”

Last year, Ilinca brought yodelling to the centre stage when she participated at the Eurovision Song Contest, performing her single “Yodel It!” with Alex Florea . The duo ended in seventh place in the competition.

While Ilinca might not have won the contest, she definitely garnered attention and made music lovers look forward to her works.

The singer is back with a new track. Titled “Nu acum”, the Romanian single is a beautiful song that talks about the tormenting lapse between the moment of hesitation and that of lovers’ confession. In the music video, Ilinca can be seen waiting for the male protagonist who too admires the singer from a “distance”. The reluctance on the characters’ part creates a melancholic, yet at the same time, romantic atmosphere.

Ilinca looks absolutely stunning in the video. Her bold look creates the perfect silhouette against the bright setting.

Ilinca’s voice complements the dramatic sound of the song really well. For someone who is wanting new songs to refurbish their playlist, “Nu acum” is definitely a song to look out for.

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Written by Ayushi

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