Ina Wroldsen Drops Oceanic New Single And Music Video “Sea”

We have a brand new single from Ina Wroldsen and we can’t quite get enough of it; yet again, she’s given us a perfect track that we adore. Titled “Sea”, the song is her second official solo single, following “Strongest” since she has signed on to Simon Cowell’s Syco Music record label.

This Norweigan singer-songwriter has had profound success as a featured star on hits such as Calvin Harris & Disciples’ “How Deep Is Your Love”, Martin Solveig’s “Places“, and Jax Jones’ “Breathe“. She has also written a bunch of well-known hits including Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye” and “Symphony“, Anne-Marie’s “Alarm”, INNA’s “In Your Eyes”, Shontelle’s “Impossible”, Cover Drive’s “Twilight”, and many more. She’s been attempting a solo career for a few years now, and finally, she’s starting to launch.

“Sea” is Ina Wroldsen’s brand new single and was written by this incredible singer-songwriter and Olav Tronsmoen. The music video was directed by Thor Brenne. The visual and the song work brilliantly together and it really adds depth to the track.

Watch Ina Wroldsen’s Music Video For “Sea” Here:

Intricately, the song really showcases Ina Wroldsen’s beautiful voice. It crashes like waves bringing the concept of the sea with its full force. Lyrically the song contains a tonne of imagery as she takes us on a fleshed out journey away from the sea, a place she once called home, and a place she always returns to because sea people always “come back to the sea”.

It’s such a gorgeous song, where she sings about searching for a new home, away from all that she knows, only to realise that she’ll always hold that place dear as it is home to her and she will always find herself back there. She said that the song, “Is more than anything about my hometown of Sandefjord.”

It will certainly resonate with a lot of people, especially students who go off on their first big adventure away from home when they live on campus, to people who are away from their loved ones due to work, business, or the situation they’re in. Ina Wroldsen has truly taken home-sickness and put it into a rich song that will hold so much meaning for so many people.

In the Instagram post below, she stated: “This song is very special to me. It’s all about my love for Norway and about how I feel such a connection to the North Sea.”

As for the music video, it opens with a title screen saying “The Nøkken” before delving into who or what The Nøkken is. It says, “A beautiful and lethal water creature in Scandinavian Folklore. He lives forever, taking the lives of humans. Beware of the sea.”

This then leads into a performance visual by a male dancer who seems to embody The Nøkken, giving us water-like choreography that takes us on a similar story. As we get more into the visual, a biker appears on the balcony and starts to ride a bicycle along the platform. Two more bikers appear, later on, creating a slight heighten of endangerment. It builds until the final scenes see our dancer with cuts on his face and his knuckles as the bikers drive inside the venue. What really went on is up to the viewers to decide.

“Sea” is available to download and stream through Simco Limited. We hope it receives even more success than “Strongest” did, which managed to get a peak charting position of number two in Norway, number 20 in Denmark, and number 86 in Sweden.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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