Ina Wroldsen Releases New Single & Music Video “Forgive Or Forget”

More new music from Ina Wroldsen is here and we are loving every minute of “Forgive Or Forget”. The song also has an accompanying music video that really sets her off as a confident artist ready to take on the world – how she hasn’t with a solo track, yet, we do not know, although we all know her from her incredible features. This single follows up her previous collaboration with Cheat Codes & Danny Quest on the song “I Feel Ya“.

Ina Wroldsen is practically royalty when it comes to songwriting and dance features. She is a Norweigan singer-songwriter who is best known for writing a bunch of hits. She’s written songs for The Saturdays, Shontelle, James Arthur, Clean Bandit, INNA, Anne-Marie – the list is endless. She’s been attempting a singing career for a number of years, but it wasn’t until she signed with Simon Cowell’s label Syco, that she’s managed to gain success with her own songs. Before signing, she hit it big with featured spots on global anthems which were “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris & Disciples, “Places” by Martin Solveig, and “Breathe” by Jax Jones. She’s definitely a rising star and we are following her every step.

This new single has been written by Ina Wroldsen and Olav Tronsmoen, whilst it was produced by The Electric, Gavin Koolman, and Unorthodox. It’s a pure performance visual showing off this Norweigian singer as the type of artist she is.

Watch Ina Wroldsen’s Music Video To “Forgive Or Forget” Here:

Unsurprisingly, Ina Wroldsen sings from the heart in this incredibly moving track. This proves why she’s on top form in the songwriting world, because she can write epic tracks that we all just become addicted to, and this is another one we can add to that collection. The lyrics create this story of someone, possibly a lover, who hurt her and she continued to let that person hurt her until she couldn’t stand it any more and now she refuses to forgive or forget them and what that person did – but there’s a strong undertone with the simple line “I can’t forgive that I let you” suggesting she’s also blaming herself too. It’s one strong, powerful track, that will certainly be relatable to men and women across the globe, especially in the wake of the #MeToo campaign.

As for the music video, it feels like your typical artist performance video; something we haven’t quite received from Ina Wroldsen just yet, but now we have. We see this talented artist singing the song in various scenes. There’s a slight narrative running throughout as we see her get in a car, in the opening scene, suggesting she’s leaving the world of hurt, that she was in, behind while the final scenes see her in a phone booth contemplating whether to call or not, showing off indecision and a little bit of vulnerability as well as her singing the lines of the song down the phone, as if that’s what she wants to say to this person who hurt her.

“Forgive Or Forget” is available to download and stream right now, via Simco Limited. We can’t wait to see what she releases next.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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