Ina Wroldsen Has Released New Single “Mine” This Week

We have Ina Wroldsen’s third instalment to her HEX EP this week. Titled “Mine” it follows up previous singles “Sea” and “Remember Me” all of which will appear on her EP. She connects Scandinavian folklore to each of her tracks, teaching her fans about the stories she grew up with all the while giving us unforgettable new music.

She’s best known as a song-writer having written some of the biggest global hits in the world, these include Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye” featuring Anne-Marie & Sean Paul, Shonetelle’s “Impossible” which was later covered by James Arthur, and Cobra Starship’s “You Make Me Feel…” featuring Sabi. She also was an uncredited vocalist on Calvin Harris & Disciples’ track “How Deep Is Your Love” before becoming featured vocalist on Martin Solveig’s and Jax Jones’ chart-hitting songs “Places” and “Breathe”, respectively. Since then, she signed under Simon Cowel’s label Syco Music, and have been releasing her songs in line with her HEX EP. Before her first track, “Sea”, she previously released “Strongest” which had great success in her home country of Norway where it reached number two on VG-lista, becoming her biggest chart-hit to-date alongside previous collaboration with Broiler on “Lay It On Me”. We cannot wait to hear this full packaged EP – we just know she’s going to completely deliver.

Her new single, “Mine”, was written by Bård Mathias Bonsaksen, Edvard Førre Erfjord, and Ina Wroldsen; while production was handled by Edvard Erfjord and George Reid. The official music video has been directed by Thor Brenne, who also directed her music video for “Sea”. This time around, she has drawn inspiration from the Scandinavian folklore creature, the Huldra.

Watch Ina Wroldsen’s Music Video For “Mine” Here:

The video starts off with describing who or what Huldra is, the message says: “A Norweigian forrest temptress. She takes what we love and kills it. With beauty and promise, she lures our loved ones away forever. Beware of temptation.”

Throughout, we see a whole lot of kissing. It’s a full-on narrative visual, showcasing relations between different people. At one point, all of the characters develop claw-like blood marks on their skin, suggesting that the Huldra has lured the loved ones away from each other and are killing them through temptation.

As for the song, Ina Wroldsen incorporates the Huldra within the song lyrics, as she completely nails the vocal creating chills in every single listener – how is she not a worldwide star yet? Mark our words, she will be soon. In an honest interview with The Line Of Best Fit, she revealed that everyone seems to think the song is about two women, however it is about London and herself, and how her husband – Mark Ellwood – loves the stuff in London, hence the imagery of the buses and the cars but she was desperate to move back to Norway, so they did but “he was struggling” which, in turn, made them both struggle. So, the lyrics really should go “Tell me, are you London’s or are you mine?”.

“Mine” is available to download and stream right now via Simco Limited. Her upcoming HEX EP should be on its way very soon – we want more Scandinavian folklore first though.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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