Promotional photo for "Get High" which sees the trip, Mike Rogers, posing for a photo with Mike Mago sitting down in front wearing a white shirt, TWR72 at the back behind Mike Mago wearing a black shirt and a black beanie looking to the left, and Micha de Jonge in between and leaning towards the right wearing a black tee with a brown jackets with his wavy brown hair passing his shoulders.

Indie pop trio Mike Rogers brings psychedelic vibes in the single “Get High”

Kicking this year off with a bang is the Amsterdam indie pop trio Mike Rogers with the incredibly psychedelic track, titled “Get High”. The release of this song follows up their previous single “Breathing Fire”.

Mike Rogers are an indie pop trio from Amsterdam consisting of Mike Mago, TWR72 (Roger Van Der Zwan), and Micha de Jonge (the lead singer of Kita Menari). They were originally a duo with Mike Mago and Roger Van Der Zwan; they first met in the ’00s during Dutch famous underground electro parties known as Rauw and Dum Dum, they kept in touch over the years about production work each of them were doing, and later they formed Mike Rogers. The basis of their formation was that they both had a similar dream – wanting to start a live act inspired by the acts they grew up on, from going to festivals like Lowlands, bands such as Miike Snow, Foals, Editors, Van She, Goose etc. They realised pretty early on that they needed a vocalist, as they were both producers, and they soon came across Micha de Jonge, frontman of Kita Menari, who was looking for a new project to be a part of. Things have been working out amazingly for them as a trio, their creativity has been through the roof, so much so that they created, produced, and developed an album using each one another’s ideas, sounds, and flow. Their debut album is set to be released in the autumn of 2023, giving them time to gain even more traction and popularity. They already have millions of streams to their name already, with their collaboration with Jones & Tiggs Da Author on “Loose Ideas” featuring MYBADD at over 2.3 million Spotify streams whilst their collaboration with Abee titled “What Should I Do” is just behind at 1.9 million and “Over Love” featuring Carmen Rose at 1.5 million. They’re clearly set to become a global sensation soon, and with festival season just around the corner, we expect they’ll be pretty busy.

Written by the trio, themselves, “Get High” takes the listener down a psychedelic wormhole as Mike Rogers impress with various mixtures of music production which transforms into a tranquil dance track all the while Micha de Jonge takes our hand with his tangled-yet-passionate vocals guaranteeing us the trip of a lifetime, guiding us, and steering us every step of the way. A rhythmic chorus is addictive and unforgettable clinging to us in the best possible way with heightened piano chords drifting in and out but making a clear statement as we follow the gorgeous backing track all the way; add in the undeniably trusting voice from Micha de Jonge which takes its own spotlight in conjunction with the production, and “Get High” is everything we expected it to be and more so – this is a song that is missing from your favourite playlists right now.

The trio said of the track: “Mister tambourine man (a dealer) is speaking. He is convincing someone to trust him to take the drugs and experience how it will all unfold. It will be an adventure worthwhile.”

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“Get High”, by Mike Rogers, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. It has been released independently alongside V2 Records.

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