Ink Master: Week 5 Recap

If you’ve been watching this highly entertaining season of Ink Master so far, you’ll know that this season there are teams – Team Peck and Team Nunez. Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez are both judges on the typical seasons of Ink Master and are expert tattoo artists themselves.

The idea is that the two get to hand pick the artists for their teams. They will then mentor them in the hope that one of their own members will win the coveted title of Ink Master.

Leading into week 5, the artists left are:

Team Peck- Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Mike McAskill, Gian Karle Cruz, Gia Rose, Nate Beavers, Matt Murray, Anwon “Boneface” Johnson

Team Nunez- Eric Gonzalez, Nikki Simpson, Jason “Sketchy” Lawyer, Kelly Doty, Kevin La Roy, Tito “Tuff Tito” Velez, Sirvone Smith

Episode 5 begins with the remaining 14 artists discussing the previous elimination. All artists are happy to have Dave gone and the girls are agreeing on their alliance again. The male artists are catching onto their alliance and are going to try and eliminate a girl next.

Only one team is back up for elimination this week as Dave Navarro begins the next flash challenge. Team Nunez is the team who will have someone eliminated this week. The flash challenge is legibility; which is the tattoo being obvious from the first time you lay eyes on it. They have to show this using electricity.

The teams must scorch a drawing onto a canvas using live wires. Team Peck gets to decide the style and they chose “marine life/underwater”. The winner of the flash challenge gets to decide the human canvas’ in the elimination challenge.

The winner of the flash challenge was Kevin with his hammer head shark scene being the most legible.

During the elimination challenge, artists must show legibility while tattooing “watercolor”.

Handing out skull picks, Kevin gave himself the sternum piece of negative space triangles with flowers.

Giving the other artists:
Sirvone: Sunflower Half-Sleeve
Tito: Tree of Life
Sketchy: Clock
Eric: Eye
Nikki: Anatomical Heart
Kelly: Wolf

At the critique, team Peck served as the jury of peers.

Best tattoo of the day went to Nikki.

The jury of peers sent Sirvone into elimination. The judges picked Tito and Kevin as their bottoms.

Sirvone was eliminated this week.

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