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EXCLUSIVE: Bronnie Talks About The Alstar Xmas Party Tour 2016

The Alstar Xmas Party Tour tickets have just gone on sale. One of the acts, Bronnie, took some time out to speak to CelebMix about the new tour.

The tour dates and the performers were all announced earlier this week. On Twitter, the hashtag #AlstarXmasParty trended in the UK, Germany and France. It’s clear a lot of fans are excited about seeing these acts on stage.

They aren’t the only ones excited, though; the artists are buzzing just as much.

Alstar Music’s Xmas Party Tour is ready to kick off. We grabbed some time from Bronnie for a quick chat about the new tour.

So Bronnie, how excited are you for the Alstar Xmas Party Tour?

I’m so excited for the tour, especially coming straight off the back of supporting Josh Taylor on his “Hot For Me” Tour. The line-up that Alstar have put together is so good. I think we will all put on an amazing show. All the artists are so excited to play.

How was touring with Josh Taylor?

It was ace! He is such a great performer, incredible songwriter and a very genuine guy. We had great banter backstage with the other artists, his whole team make you feel very welcome when you tour with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes if he asked me to tour with him again.

What were your thoughts on the other acts on the “Hot For Me” tour?

The other acts on the tour were really good. Over Atlantic are a fantastic band, really talented and they are fun to be around. It was lovely having another female artist on tour, Robyn [Regan] #TourSis, and she’s a great entertainer. Harri Oakland and I enjoyed a lot of great banter on the tour. He’s got a great style and is making his own mark on the music scene.

If you could collaborate with one of the other acts from the tour, who would it be?

I find it hard to choose and would do a mix of vlogs, collabs and covers with all of them. In terms of performance, I guess my sound is closest to Over Atlantic at the moment, particularly when I have my full band with me so I’d hope to find a way to work with the boys at some stage.

What songs will you be singing? We’re totally hoping for “Modern Day Christmas”.

I do want “Modern Day Christmas” to feature on the set but I’m thinking of playing a slightly different set each night of the tour. Other originals that will feature include “High School Sucks” amongst others and it’s always fun to play the “Teenage Dirtbag / Stacey’s Mom” mashup.

What will people expect from your set?

Expect a high energy pop rock / pop punk set with a mix of my own songs and some covers. I tend to change what I say between songs every show and I really want to play a different set each night. I like to keep it very fresh and interesting.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Well, to my old loyal fans, I definitely want to say thank you so much for always believing in me and supporting me – you know who you are BronDogs! And to the new fans that have come on board in recent months and those who came to see us on tour, I can’t thank you enough for being so nice to me, getting into my music and sending me the sweetest messages. But whether it’s old or new fans, I’ll never forget what people are doing for me at the moment – for me, it’s all about the music and the people and singing songs that they can relate to.

What’s it like working with Alstar Music?

They were the promoter for the Josh Taylor ‘Hot For Me’ tour. It was fantastic working with them as they are very welcoming to guest artists on tour and everything is really well organised. Spike is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, it’s great having that sort of professionalism around you when you’re growing as an artist. I’ve been involved with various gigs as support act over the years and met lots of great people but I really felt part of a family as that tour progressed. I felt like they had my back and for young female artists like Robyn [Regan] and I, that’s actually really important. I was so happy when Spike asked me to join the family of artists on the Alstar Xmas Party UK & Ireland tour and I’ve got a feeling that this is just the start of a very strong working relationship.

Thank you Bronnie for talking with us. Good luck on the tour, no doubt you’ll smash it along with all the other acts.

It’s clear that this Alstar Xmas Party Tour is going to be incredible. Don’t forget to buy your tickets now.

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(Photo has been taken from the “Modern Day Christmas” music video).

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