INNA Has Dropped New Single “Pentru Ca” Featuring The Motans

We have a brand new single from INNA and it’s another collaboration with The Motans. They last worked together on The Motans’ single “Nota de Plata“. The track is titled “Pentru Ca” and it has been released on Global Records, this week.

Both artists are on form in the country of Romania, managing to get chart hits with each single that they release. INNA is an internationally known artist who has a bunch of global hits to her name. Her latest music videos have gone on to be some of her most-viewed videos on her channel, easily surpassing 100 million views. As for The Motans, they’re a Moldovian band fronted by Denis Roabes. They’ve had various hits and have teamed up with well-known Romanian singer Delia, previously.

The music and lyrics were written by INNA, The Motans, and Marco & Seba (Marcel Botezan & Sebastian Barac) according to the credits on the YouTube official music video. The director of the visual was Bogdan Paun, with Alexandru Muresan acting as director of photography. “Pentru Ca”, when translated from Romanian to English, means “Because” or “For That” or simply just “For”, “That”, or “As”; we’re going with “Because” here at CelebMix, although all can be used depending on the context.

Watch INNA’s New Music Video For “Pentru Ca” Featuring The Motans Here:

As per usual, INNA’s vocals are outstanding as she easily displays all the right emotion for the song, whilst being technically brilliant throughout. She’s clear and crisp with the Romanian language and it’s just beautiful to hear her sing in her own language, once again. The Motans’ Denis Roabes sings a verse in the middle of the song, his vocals are Romanian rap at its best; he breaks up the song perfectly.

Lyrically, the song is adorably cute as the artists sing about being in love and all the happiness it brings. The music video easily reflects this with the relaxed and steamy narrative that really does show two lovebirds spending time together; until the surprising ending which makes us feel his loss too. As for the performance side of things, INNA looks as gorgeous as ever. She sings in a dark room in front of a LED screen that acts as a seeing portal into the story that’s shown. She has truly connected with the song, pouring her whole heart into the visual, and it comes across as one of her strongest emotional music videos to date. The Motans’ Denis Roabes is as strong as ever, he gives the camera a smirk as if he’s happy with his life right now, easily reflecting his verse.

What more could we want? We’re prepared to state that this is one of the best narrative music videos we’ve had from INNA, as a lead artist, for years. It has an air of “Endless” and “Crazy Sexy Wild / Tu Si Eu” about it. The song, “Pentru Ca”, is available to download and stream right now, through Global Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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