Inna Releases Teaser Video For New Single “Gimme Gimme”

Inna has been teasing the release of her next single, “Gimme Gimme”, for a couple of months now. Finally, the song is ready to be launched, tomorrow, with an incredible new music video.

Little bits have been revealed about this music video. Mainly that it was filmed in Mexico. The single and the full video will be released on 1 February 2017.

Watch The Teaser For Inna’s New Single “Gimme Gimme” Here:

In the video, we can see Inna dressed in various costumes. In the main scene, she is relaxing against a Volkswagen Beetle car, wearing a summery yellow suit jacket and trousers, with a black top underneath; a driver can be seen in the front – could this possibly be her on-screen love interest?

Other scenes show her in a doorway, walking the cobbled streets. As well various other scenes that are too short to quite notice. There is also additional actresses, one can be seen holding balloons, and the other can be seen dancing in a shirt. She holds a finger to her lips, asking for quiet; what secret is she asking us to keep quiet about?

The video doesn’t reveal all that much, but the song is clearly very catchy and the lyrics are totally clear, which is in contrast to her previous official single “Heaven“. Regardless they both are summer-filled tracks, that are both uniquely catchy.

This is her third song to be released from her new album, after “Heaven” and promotional single “Say It With Your Body“. More details on her fifth studio album are to be announced, we’re hoping it will be released this year.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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