Track-By-Track Album Review: INNA – Nirvana

Let’s rewind to 11 December 2017, when INNA released her fifth studio album, titled “Nirvana”. Unfortunately, the 12-track album was only released partially in some countries around the world. It was only until it got to Friday 15 December 2017, that the whole album became available internationally – and it was so worth the wait.

The full album was restricted in some countries, with the UK only having nine available tracks, whilst Spain and Portugal only had three available tracks. We presume the same happened to other countries around the world. So you can imagine our delight last Friday when we noticed the full album was available on iTunes – although the song “Nirvana” is still unavailable on Spotify UK.

We haven’t stopped playing this album since its release. All the tracks are fire in every way, much like INNA’s previous albums. We certainly expected nothing less from her. What we didn’t expect was the release of six promotional singles in the run-up to the release of “Nirvana” the album.

Looking back at her previous albums, we believe this doesn’t top “Party Never Ends”, which had 23 tracks, or her debut album “Hot” which was certainly a success at the time; however, it does show INNA’s versatility in music as a whole as well as in her dance music genre. She worked with multiple producers, including Sak Noel, Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac, Thomas Troelsen, Alex Cotoi, and Vlad Lucan. Considering each track is amazing but different in itself, we decided it would be best to review the whole album, track-by-track. So here goes.

Ruleta (feat. Erik)

This song kickstarts the whole album, and it’s no surprise since it is her biggest hit from this album, to date. “Ruleta” was her most recent single to hit 100 million views on YouTube, and it was later followed by the single before, titled “Gimme Gimme”. It’s rhythmically catchy, with cheeky lyrics and unstoppable vocals. In true INNA style, “Ruleta” is a track you won’t be able to stop listening to.

Gimme Gimme

This was the first single from the album and it totally is a non-stop anthem. The lyrics continue in a catchy but fast-beat rhythm that will have you singing along in no time. The music video has also received over 100 million views.

My Dreams

This is the song that samples Touch and Go’s “Would You…?” and as a whole new version, this is beyond addicting. Refreshing it and giving it a typical INNA spin, this works in every single way. Cheerful and upbeat this one stands out on the album for all the right reasons.


Keeping with the upbeat spin, the song’s title completely describes this sound. It has an oceanic wave style to it. So, it’s no surprise it came with a lyric video where we watch INNA enjoying her time on a beach. It perfectly follows on from “My Dreams” as they both have an after-chorus instrumental.

Hands Up

Bringing something more real and honest, “Hands Up” is full of metaphorical lyrics as INNA slows it down for an upbeat ballad that certainly reminds us of “Endless”. It’s groovy and unforgettable. INNA impresses with her voice, giving us chills.


Time for the song that people in certain countries can’t stream on Spotify, and can’t watch the music video on YouTube. However, it can be bought on iTunes. It’s her latest single, and we reckon it’s label restrictions as to why we can’t stream or view it. Although, the audio on YouTube is available to listen to – for now. It’s certainly a grower of a song, that builds and builds the more you listen to it. It has a “Heaven” and “Bop Bop” feel to it during certain parts. This is a typical INNA song in every way, and will certainly become a treasure track amongst her fans – it’s no surprise it was the lead single and the titled track.

Don’t Mind

This is a new style for INNA, reminding us of something Rihanna would release; it certainly has an R&B vibe going on. A lot of cheeky lyrics throughout, INNA brings it more than she usually does for “Don’t Mind” and it totally pays off.


Now, this is the stand-out track on the album, purely because it is not anything we would expect from INNA. It’s so much more stripped back, exposing INNA’s vocals and bringing a new vibe to the album overall.

Dream About The Ocean

As for this track, this is totally our favourite. It is classic INNA in every way whilst still modern and contemporary. It reminds us of “Walking On The Sun” from her fourth studio album – why that never became a single, we will never know. It has a defining summer vibe that takes us to the days of sipping cocktails by the pool in the glorious sunshine.

Nota de Plata (The Motans feat. INNA)

Time for the three Romanian tracks and this is certainly one of our favourite collaborations from INNA. Her vocals are totally on point for the chorus and her verses. The Motans bring it too, making this one unusual, yet perfect, collab. We’re so glad this made the album because we can feel the passion behind every single word.

Cum ar fi?

Here’s an upbeat ballad that is highly passionate. Once again INNA sings beautifully in her home language. We loved her previous Romanian songs such as “Tu Si Eu” and “Spre Mare”, so it’s no surprise we love this one. It is such a beautiful song; we’re so glad it made the album.

Tu Si Eu (Carla’s Dreams feat. INNA)

A full on ballad to end this album, and it’s the one that people may confuse with her earlier hit of the same name; yet, they are two very different songs. It’s soulful, honest, and very real. Their harmonies aren’t as great as INNA’s and The Motans’, and yet it totally works. Another surprising collaboration, but it’s a memorable way to end this album overall.

This whole album is a great collection of tracks, that truly show off INNA’s versatility as an artist. She truly stuns everyone. We may be gutted by the fact that there are no signs of “Heaven“, “Say It With Your Body“, and “Me Gusta” on the album, but INNA makes it up to us with some sure-fire tracks that we can’t help but love.

Regardless, we hope that she releases a deluxe album as we so want more music from her in every way, and we need those three tracks to be a part of an album, one way or another.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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