Why internet friends and fandoms are so awesome

Being part of a fandom is awesome. Inside jokes, internet memes, conspiracy theories, and sharing in your favourite artist’s success are all part of the fun, but there is one part of fandom life that is probably the best: internet friends.

Internet friends are great. They’re just as great as real friends except they don’t laugh at your obsessions and they’re only a DM away. Here at CelebMix, we love them so much that we’re going to highlight our top 3 favourite things about them.

Internet Friends 2

1. You have a common interest

Anyone who’s not a part of a fandom themselves thinks that anyone who is, is crazy. Internet friends don’t think that. Do you feel like freaking out over Liam Payne’s biceps or how proud you are of Perrie Edwards’ self confidence? Internet friends will freak out with you. Do you feel like starting a fan account in honour of Liam Payne’s biceps or how proud you are of Perrie Edwards’ self confidence? Internet friends will co-own with you.

2. Internet friends can be found around the world

The internet is called the worldwide web for a reason. It’s worldwide. You can live in the UK and make friends with someone in the Netherlands. You can live in America and make friends with someone in Australia. Timezones can be slightly annoying but if the person’s worth it then you will find yourself willing to stay up past your bed time.

3. Sharing only what you feel comfortable with

Friends in real life, more often than not, know more about you than you think they do. This is because they often know some of your other friends and even members of your family.

Internet friends don’t know anyone from your real life, they only know as much as you want them to know. This could mean you just share opinions on your common interest, or it could mean you exchange selfies, cat pictures, family problems, good morning texts and spend far too long playing basketball on the Facebook Messenger app. You can develop as much of a relationship as you want.

Also: internet friends are great to cry to because, although they can’t send you physical hugs, they can send hug gifs.

5 Reasons why internet friends are awesome 2

(Please Note: don’t share really personal information, such as your home address, until your 100% sure they are who they say they are. You never know who’s on the other side of the screen.)

4: Meeting them

Of course friendships online are great and all, but the real ambition of most internet friends is to meet in real life. This point is fairly self explanatory so we’ll just show you this adorable video of internet friends meeting for the first time!


We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling all the feels after that.

This article is dedicated to every friendship that has been made via the internet.

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Written by CelebMix