Eden Prince drops funky house banger

Interview | Eden Prince Drops “Do You Want It Right Now” Remix

UK house producer Eden Prince, is quickly becoming one of the UK’s brightest rising house talents.

He recently dropped a funky house remix of Siedah Garrett’s famous tune Do You Want It Right Now, and is gearing up to drop two more bangers before the summer.

After a sensational year of racking up over 200 million streams worldwide, 2020 was a defining moment for the Stoke-On-Trent DJ.

He dropped his standout EP Memories and garnered support from the likes of Annie Mac, Diplo and Mistajam.

2021 is set to be another year of wins with plenty of dance tracks on the way.

We got the chance to chat to Eden about his brand new release, making music in lockdown and skipping school to produce beats!

Hey Eden Prince, how are you?

Hey Jodi, I’m good thanks! 

Tell us all about your remix of Siedah Garrett’s Do You Want It Right Now, that dropped on 5th March!

Siedah Garrett is a legendary vocalist and writer of some of my all-time favourite songs, so it was a pleasure to get the chance to revamp Do You Want It Right Now. I wanted to approach it from a slightly different angle from the original, with the focus on creating something feel-good and uplifting whilst doing my best to keep the integrity of the vocal. 

As we understand, you have even more music coming soon. We were wondering if you have found it easier to produce music this year because of the standstill on events, etc? How has the pandemic impacted the music you’re making right now?

Being in lockdown has definitely taken away a lot of distractions from normal day-to-day life and allowed me to focus a lot more on music. On the flip side, the lack of exposure to the outside world has definitely taken a hit on inspiration levels, so I’ve had to be creative with trying to find ways to stay inspired and motivated. 

Well, you have gained support from the likes of Annie Mac, Diplo and Mistajam though. What was that like?

Listening to the radio was a big part of my life growing up, so hearing legends such as Mistajam play my music is always an amazing feeling and something that I never quite get used to whenever it happens! 

Now, you said you used to sneak out of class at school to produce beats. What was it that made you go into music?

Initially, I was just surrounded by people who loved music, so getting into production was a very natural process. Whenever I listen to music my first focus is always on the beat rather than the lyrics. Eventually, I started making beats myself for my friends in school to rap and dance to, and things just progressed from there. 

Did you take inspiration from anybody in particular?

I’ve been inspired by countless genres and artists over the years. Disco had a major impact on me growing up, and eventually as I began to discover dance music, the likes of Joris Voorn and Sbtrkt really resonated with me. I also have to pay homage to some of house music’s biggest pioneers such as Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan and Ron Hardy. 

Your debut EP Memories was sensational. You always seem to evolve your sound and it continuously works! With all this new music on the way, what can we expect?

Thank you that means a lot! You can definitely expect a range of different vibes and styles. I love to push my own creative boundaries and try new things whilst still trying to maintain a distinctive sound. 

If things start to get back to normal soon, can we expect to see you anywhere this year?

I’m itching to get out there and start playing live as soon as things get back to normal, it’s been way too long!

Finally, before we let you go, what is your main goal for 2021? 

This year the main goal is to put out as much original music as possible! I’m so excited for people to hear the new tracks I’ve been working on! 

Check out Eden Prince’s brand new release Do You Want It Right Now and tweet us over @CelebMix to let us know your thoughts!

Written by Jodi

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