EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Kabby Borders from Blackpills Original Series ‘Exposed’

Binge-watching has become extremely popular for streaming services, as it allows viewers to watch as many episodes of a series that they want without interruption. However, anyone who has binge-watched knows that it becomes very easy to spend hours on one series alone, or even days, depending on the length of the episode.

Blackpills is an application that is taking a completely different approach to its shows. Unlike other applications, the episodes on Blackpills are just ten minutes long. Not only that, but the shows found on the app are all originals created by Blackpills.

The app is constantly adding new content each week, and one show in particular that has caught our attention is called Exposed. It stars actress Kabby Borders as a college sorority girl named Jessika, who is determined to get everything she wants.

CelebMix recently caught up with Kabby to ask about her experience on the show, as well as the Blackpills application.

What is Exposed?

Exposed is a series that looks into one girl’s journey to the American Dream – and what that really costs.

Can you tell us about your character?

Jessika is determined above all else. She is wise beyond her years and she’s willing to do anything to get where she wants in life. She’s strong and can’t see outside her tunnel vision for success. This dedication can even make her a little emotionally unavailable because she is so focused on her goals that she misses the details of daily life.

Your character – Jessika – says she wants “everything.” What does she mean by that?

She wants to be in charge. She wants to be the one calling all the shots and wants a life that she knows she created on her own. She wants her family to be taken care of and she wants to feel accomplished knowing that she went through years of sacrifices to get there.

Why do you think it is so important for her to have everything?

She is surrounded by people who are satisfied with the simple life. She feels trapped and wants more than the status quo. To Jessika it was her own way of dealing with her family and friends growing up – she would tell herself one day I’ll have everything.” Nothing was enough for her – she won’t be fulfilled until she has her vision of the American dream.

What was the most challenging part about playing Jessika?

I think the hardest part is separating yourself from the character. It was hard for me to do and I was constantly reminding myself of our differences. Some scenes were hard to shoot. Jessika was put in some tough situations and I would think about the people really going through those experiences. In these tough scenes I really leaned on my director – I had to trust his vision and trust the importance of the scene for the overall story.

What is it like being the star of the show?

This show is unique in that it’s not just about Jessika but it’s shown through her eyes. You’re seeing everything from her perspective. The weight of the show on your shoulders is a huge amount of responsibility but it also allows you to focus. I was fully involved and the character demands that.

Each episode is just 10 minutes. How do you think the time works for a show such as Exposed?

From the beginning I loved the idea of 10 minute episodes and I think it worked really well for us. It requires the story to be direct – no filler scenes or non vital characters. Every detail is an important part of the whole story and it keeps the story specific. I also think it keeps the audience interested. We’re constantly entertained and this is a good way to hold people’s attention.

The show can be found on Blackpills. Can you tell our readers more about that?

I’m really excited about blackpills and the content they’re producing. I’ve seen such interesting, unique and strong stories all on this app. It’s easy to use and more importantly, the quality of the shows and shorts are all high caliber. You download the app and you’re a few clicks away from full tv shows and films–ones you definitely won’t see anywhere else.

Do you have any favorite shows on Blackpills you recommend?

I thought Pineapple was fantastic. It’s beautiful to watch, an untold unique idea and the performances are spot on. Lucille Sharp, one of the leads, is from my hometown; we did theatre together when we were young and I loved seeing us both end up coincidentally on blackpills.

Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers about Exposed?

Anyone who’s ever had a dream should watch it. It’s all about the sacrifices a young girl is willing to make to get to the “American dream” her country idolizes.

Download the Blackpills app either on the App Store or Google Play to start watching Exposed today.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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