Interview: ManyFew on their latest single “My Life,” and an upcoming festival season

We had a chance to chat with ManyFew, a brother duo that delivers some of the hottest edm bangers out there. On a mission to deliver feel-good and dance-ready creations all around the globe, Stockholm-based production artists have spent the last few years lifting spirits with their distinct blend of house and disco on iconic imprints such as Axtone, Selected, Spinnin’ Records, Perfect Havoc and 3 Beat. Driven by an unrelenting passion, ManyFew are brothers by blood and best friends by choice.

Hello, ManyFew, and welcome to CelebMix! Congrats on your new single ‘My Life’ – can you tell us a little bit about this release?
Thank you!!! ‘My Life’ is a track we wrote together with Laura Davie. It’s out on Toolroom’s Love & Other and it’s a song with lots of happiness, sunshine and summer vibes.

The single features Laura Davie, how did your collaboration look?
The first idea came about in the end of last year. We had an idea about creating something uplifting with a summer feel to it. We contacted Laura Davie since we thought that she would be the perfect fit for this record and asked if she was open for a session which she was :-) We had a blast together in the studio and wrote the track within just a few hours.

You are a self-taught production duo – how did your music journey start?
We started as DJs playing at school parties and local nightclubs in Sweden. Later on the idea came up about how would it be to try to make our own music to play out. We’ve always been big fans of sampling so we started to sample different elements. For us, DJing and music production really goes hand in hand and we love both sides of it.

What makes your duo unique is the fact that you are brothers. How is it to build a career with your sibling?
It’s lots of fun doing this journey together as brothers. We share the same type of music so that makes life a lot easier while producing. Also we have different roles while producing, so we’re complementing each other in the studio. Of course we can have different opinions on things while creating, but there’s definitely no competition at all between us, the most important for us is to support each other and to be a team!

You represent a very unique subgenre of house, how would you describe your sound?
We would describe our sound as a blend between house music and disco music. Often our tracks have got some kind of happiness and summer vibes to it. Basically we’re just trying to create music that we love and for us it’s amazing to be able to share it with music lovers worldwide.

What inspires you as artists?
Traveling, meeting new people, listen to radio stations, and spending time in the sun.

The festival season is on, are you planning any gigs this summer?
Yeah, we’ve upcoming gigs in Scandinavia this summer and also we’ll be back at the legendary Ministry of Sound in London as well so we’re super pumped. Please keep an eye out on our socials for more details soon ;-)

Are you planning any new releases in 2022?
Actually we’ve got a couple of new releases coming out this summer both on Spinnin’ Records and also on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom. We’ve been working on these records for a while now so it’s going to be so much fun to share them with you all.

Thanks, and good luck!
Thank you for having us!

Written by Magdalena

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