Introducing: “Attica Riots”

Attica Riots, the garage-rock trio from Canada just released the stunning and colourful neon music video for their debut single “Misery”.

The single pulsates with the elated fuzz of nostalgic synths and a danceable indie-swagger, with a healthy dose of garage-rock buzzing around Attica Riots’ free-spirited edges.

“Misery” is the first track taken from the band’s upcoming debut album: Love, Sunshine & Hysteria produced by Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Imagine Dragons).


Before it was given the music video treatment, Exclaim! had the exclusive premiere for the single. They said that: “The band craft rock songs that are firmly grounded and immediately hard-hitting, injecting them with an air of urgency that makes for an always-exciting listen. “Misery” is no different.

As for the music video, there’s only one thing that we could say about it: perfect aesthetic. The visuals are absolutely beautiful and you just get this desire to screencap a moment from the video and put it up as header for your Twitter profile or Tumblr blog. All those bright neon colours will surely keep your eyes focused on the screen and feel the rhythm and aesthetic of it all. Aside from that, everything is just so energetic and you get that urge to either sway to the beat or throw a full-out dance party.

Attica Riots provide a twisted rejuvenation on classic indie-rock sentiments and revitalise them into a fulfilling new exuberated sound. The Winnipeg-based trio comprises two brothers – Anders and Kyle Erickson, on drums and guitar – alongside frontman Bobby Desjarlais.

Check out their website for the full list of their upcoming shows.

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Written by CelebMix