Introducing: Chase Atlantic

Chase Atlantic is an unsigned band out of Australia that classify themselves as an alternative approach to modern pop and rock. The talented trio consist of brothers Mitchel and Clinton Cave, and friend Christian Anthony. With over 200,000 fans, it’s more impressive that these boys aren’t signed than it would be if they were.

I say boys, but I should say men. Christian, the youngest member of the band, turned 18 earlier this month while Clinton and Mitchel are 22 and 18, respectively.

They have written, recorded and released 10 songs over 2 EPs in the last 2 years, all produced on their own. They’re biggest single via YouTube views is Run Away,

but I (and many of their fans) would argue that Anchor Tattoo is their biggest hit to date.

I was first introduced to Chase Atlantic via a friend that wanted me to road trip to see them live at “It’s a School Night”, a live music event at the Bardot in Los Angeles. I went and I was impressed. They sounded exactly the same live and even included several saxophone solos in their live act.

Recently, the boys have been in LA, talking to music labels and writing with the Madden Brothers. We have yet to hear whether the songs are for a debut album or another EP, but either way, I know I can’t wait to hear what they come up with.

Written by CelebMix