Erin K

Introducing: Erin K & Her Latest Single “Assholio”

Nowadays, the music industry is bursting with boy bands singing feelgood ballads, DJ’s putting their own stamp on classic songs to make them more appropriate for the club scene, and girl bands hoping to become the next Spice Girls or Girls Aloud… While we have absolutely no problem with this, it is really nice to hear those stripped back, super unique songs which come out every couple of years as a breath of fresh air. And that is exactly what singer and songwriter Erin K is. With a sound reminiscent of Lily Allen and Kate Nash and a quirky personality to run alongside it, she is definitely a breath of fresh air and we are so happy to have discovered her and her music.

Erin Kleh is a budding singer and songwriter who splits her time between London and New York as she writes, records, and performs her songs for growing audiences full of dedicated fans. Backed up by her hand-picked band who are equally as awesome as she is, Erin K performs quirky yet brutally honest songs which are guaranteed to resonate with everyone. As a true star in the making she has already performed at the London Olympics and Paralympics, the Edinburgh Festival, and several other huge shows in both Europe and the United States.

It is clear that Erin K has more than enough star power to achieve her wildest dreams and everyone here is rooting for her to do so. We think that she deserves all of the success in the world because not only is she a great person with a killer personality, but she also has a raw talent which is often rather difficult to find. You only have to listen to a single verse from one of her songs to get hooked and her latest single, “Assholio,” is a perfect example of that.

The song itself is truly brilliant. Erin K penned it in the aftermath of a trying morning in London. “I can remember the first time I tried recording this song at home, pulling the mattress over me to build a sound-proof fort separating myself from the constant drilling against my house. This is mentioned in the first line of the song and it leads the listener out of the house on a journey,” Erin explained when she was asked about her songwriting process for, “Assholio,” recently.

Naturally, such a refreshing single deserved a completely genius music video and Erin K certainly delivered that. The animated, comic strip-like video for, “Assholio,” is a hand-drawn piece of art which is part of an ongoing collaboration between Erin and Gravy Media’s Nathan Erasmus and it is definitely a treat for the eyes. Every little detail pulls you into the story within the video and it only takes a couple of seconds for you to find yourself being totally immersed by it.

“I began drawing hybrid animals in ink around the time my father became sick as a kind of escapist activity, many of which are made up of tiny pointillist dots. Nathan would animate those drawings based off of a single phrase and drawing I sent across,” Erin says of the unique video.

Check out the video for, “Assholio,” below and prepare to be mesmerized:

See? Genius!

Assholio,” is taken from Erin K’s forthcoming album, “Little Torch,” which is expected to be released in late March so make sure you keep an eye out for it!

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Written by Zoe Adams

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