Introducing: Finish Ticket

With Twenty One Pilot’s Blurry Face Tour beginning next week and the release of their new EP, we think it’s a good time to get to know one of TØP’s opening bands, Finish Ticket!

Finish Ticket is a band originating from Alameda, California and consists of Brendan Hoye (lead vocals), Michael Hoye (bass), Alex DiDonato (guitar), Gabe Stein (drums), and Nick Stein (keyboard). Though the majority of their fan base are from their home of the Bay Area, we expect that fan base to grow quickly and very soon.

Finish Ticket is no stranger from opening up for huge artists. They’ve opened up for artists such as Walk The Moon, and Ed Sheeran! They’ve also performed at numerous festivals such as Outside Lands, Live105’s BFD, and Bottle Rock Napa. Now they are joining Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun of Twenty One Pilots on a nationwide tour!

With their new EP, When Night Becomes Day, and their Debut album, Tears You Apart, Finish Ticket is everything you want in a Pop-Rock band. They have the perfect mix of catchy lyrics (sung beautifully, I must add) to hook onto with some soulful ballads sung as well, yet bring in the heavy drums and guitar for that cool rock sound while also bringing in keys for that overall unique sound production. Their stage presence is also one to admire. You can tell they love what they do, which is rare nowadays, and they definitely know how to engage with an audience and get them pumped! They treat their fans amazingly, in person and online. On top of that, they are just a bunch of good-hearted, goofy dudes who just love burritos way too much.

There’s no question that Finish Ticket will win over every fan’s heart on the Blurry Face Tour and the world in the future. We wish them luck on the road and a huge congrats on the new EP! You can listen to When Night Becomes Day on Spotify or buy the EP on iTunes

Written by CelebMix