INTRODUCING: Hollow County Drops Their Debut Single “Southern Ground”

We love a new artist to introduce you all too, but here is a trio you so need to take time to listen to. Hollow County are set to make quite the impact with the release of their music, starting with debut single “Southern Ground”.

Hollow County are a three-piece group from Essex, England consisting of Adam Brucass, Eva Tobin, and Dean Bonning. The release of their debut single shows that the UK can truly bring some great country music to the table. The trio are set to release a follow-up single later on in the year as well as announcing live show dates. Hollow County are ready to place themselves in the British music industry.

This debut single, “Southern Ground”, is a homage to the group’s hometown of Essex as well as the love of their roots in Southern England. “The name is a tongue-in-cheek twist on something I once heard someone say about Essex,” explains vocalist Adam Brucass. “People think Essex is all fake tan and fake personas – we’re here to show there’s something deeper.”

Listen To Hollow County’s Debut Single “Southern Ground” Here:

The intro to the song is very rhythmic showing off the group’s musical ability before plunging in with their lyrics. “Southern Ground” tells the story of seeing different people in a town who are all living their own stories completely different to one another. It’s one upbeat country-pop song that is full of such meaning with the trio stunning us with the track. It has an air of Lady Antebellum to it, and we cannot wait to see what Hollow County brings to the music industry in the next couple of years.

“Southern Ground” is available to download and stream right now, via SCD Records. The song was exclusively premiered on BBC Introducing Essex.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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