Introducing: Reverieme & Her Latest Single “Ten Feet Tall”

Summer might be on its way, but the weather isn’t the only thing that is heating up right now… The music charts are too. Not only are some of the biggest names in the world currently dropping hit after hit after hit, but there are also some really amazing up and coming artists who are definitely going to be making waves in the music industry with their latest tracks. Reverieme is one of these artists. And if her newest single, “Ten Feet Tall,” is anything to go by then she is well on her way to becoming a huge star. But before we let you listen to it, allow us introduce you to the person behind that incredible voice.

Scottish singer and songwriter Louise Connell founded indie-pop act Reverieme way back in 2005. Initially, she recorded and performed under the name Reverie but eventually she decided to lengthen the moniker to the current one. And we love it! Reverieme is such a unique name which fits perfectly with the act itself. On her Facebook page, Reverieme is described as, “a musical act that looks mostly like Louise Connell and sounds mostly like pop,” which we think is absolutely brilliant.

Reverieme has a very distinctive sound and her music derives from myriad novels, plays, and poems so it is very endearing and it almost has that timeless quality to it which isn’t often seen in the charts these days. But don’t just take our word for it… Reverieme has already performed at some of the biggest festivals including T In The Park, Wickerman, and Edinburgh’s The Edge, had airplay on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6, and toured with artists Gotye, Newton Faulker, Roses, and Kings to name a few.

Reverieme may have a lot of experience in the music industry, but she also has enough genuine talent to make it big on her own terms and her latest single, “Ten Feet Tall,” is a testament to that. Her passion for literature and her mastery of language really shines through and when these things are combined with such unique melodies and innovative tones, they create something really wonderful and something which we predict is going to make some big moves once more people hear it.

You can listen to, “Ten Feet Tall,” right here:

We love it! The song just makes you feel good and everything from the lyrics, to the tone of Reverieme’s voice, to the overall composition of the music behind it is pure perfection.

If you can’t get enough of Reverieme then you should check out her current album, “Straw Woman,” or you can sign up to the mailing list on her website to make sure you are first in line to know about any of her upcoming projects.

Reverieme is also currently on tour and if you would like to see her perform then you can buy tickets for the following dates.

13th April at La Belle Angele in Edinburgh
17th April at String Theory in Hawick
26th April at The Garage in Glasgow
29th April at the Parish Hall in London
30th April at The Hug and Pint in Glasgow
12th May at the State Bar in Glasgow

What do you think of Ten Feet Tall? Or will you be seeing Reverieme at one of her tour dates? Let us know on Twitter, @CelebMix.

Written by Zoe Adams

Hi! I am a 23 year old graduate who loved writing essays so much that I like to do it in my free time too. Some of my other hobbies include listening to music, trying out the latest make-up trends, and catching up on celebrity gossip. I am a small person with lots of big dreams and you can check me out on Twitter, @StrawberryZoe.