Introducing: Sol and her debut single ‘Mystery’

Looking for a new eclectic pop artist to listen to? Introducing sultry singer Sol and her debut single ‘Mystery’.

Sol is known for her intimate approach to music. In fact, the evocative qualities within her style honour her ability to paint a primitive picture, adding much needed nuance to the current landscape of music.

‘Mystery’, Sol’s debut single, was produced by Los Angeles’ Connor Irias, better known as Auralponic. The track is representative of the rudimentary foundation of her music. The song is both atmospheric and sultry, with Sol’s alluring vocals ready to captivate you at the first listen. There is an intense vibe to the song, although the use of percussion also creates a laid-back effect – ‘Mystery’ is truly hypnotising.

Auralponic, who collaborates with Sol on the song, has met commercial success through network TV advertising campaigns and touring music festivals.

On the development of his music, he expressed: “The Auralponic aesthetic represents a deep appreciation for both advanced technology and organic elements. Thus, I love combining acoustic-sounding (yet huge) drums, jazzy chord progressions, paired with spacey synths, brainstem-massaging bass wubs, nature sounds and more…the music is effectively a re-telling of every sound that has touched me in this life.”

Together, Sol and Auralponic have found a way of weaving their striking styles and sounds to create the mystery that is ‘Mystery’.

Raised in the suburbs of Southern California, Sol radiates the influence of her surroundings; “The city is close enough for a kiss, and far enough to lust over…I am not consumed by the culture, ideals, or stigma catalyzed by polluted air, yet I am inspired. I see the magic and wonders of that world, I indulge in them, and I return to my cloud at the top of the hill. It almost feels like a dream.”

Speaking about her music, Sol said:

There is an enchanting, sometimes nostalgic spirit that I hope to capture in my music. I tell my story as a starry eyed romantic with the profundity of the deepest depths of the earth. I hope to have the ability to take the smallest glimpse of a feeling or moment and amplify it to its all encapsulating potential.

This is just the beginning for Sol, and we can expect a series of soon-to-be released singles, collaborations, and performances in the near future. If you like what you hear, make sure you follow the singer on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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