Is Ed Sheeran About to Take on Bollywood?

Ed Sheeran is about to launch his Bollywood acting career, if the Daily Mirror is to be believed.

Following a sell-out performance in Mumbai, Sheeran mingled with top Indian stars at a wedding party hosted by Bollywood heartthrob, Abhishek Bachchan.  The party was in honour of Abhishek’s cousin, Naina Bachchan, and Ed had been invited as the guest of top director, Farah Khan.  Ed and Abhishek hit it off so well that he agreed to be in the sequel to top film, “Happy New Year”:

“It was a surprise when my cousin Zubin called me from London to say that Ed Sheeran was going to be in town and wanted to meet up with me and my Bollywood friends,” said Farah.

“It was very gracious of Abhishek to let me bring Ed and his team to his home.  Not only did Ed hit it off with Abhishek, but before I left, they both also decided that Ed would act in Happy New Year 2.”

If it all comes to plan, it’ll be the “Thinking Out Loud” singer’s big screen debut, following in a fine tradition of music stars crossing over into films.  Perhaps Ed could put in a good word for pals Jedward, who will be seen this summer in Sharknado 3, the third outing of the cult spatter film!

Written by CelebMix