J. Cole via Facebook

J. Cole Announces New Single ‘Middle Child’

After deleting all of his Instagram posts, J. Cole returned to social media to post a photo announcing his new single ‘Middle Child’ which will be released Jan. 23 at 9 p.m. EST.

The photo posted evidently drew attention to the artist’s social media and speculation followed immediately afterwards. Fans couldn’t help but wonder if this single would be included in The Revenge of the Dreamers III or The Off Season.

 Of course, there was also a possibility that this track would not be featured on either bodies of work.

This question was answered when Cole’s manager, Ibrahim Hamad, tweeted “Dreamville all 2019.”

On Jan. 16, J. Cole excited his dedicated listeners by letting them know that the sessions for The Revenge of the Dreamers III were now completed.

He also had to add in a bit of a tease to cause some more excitement by saying: “I love ya’ll. That sh*t was beautiful.”

This only excited fans more to hear what the artist has been working on since the release of KOD last year.

Will there be more singles? It may be easy to assume the answer to this question is yes.

One thing is for certain. Fans of J. Cole will be hearing a lot of new music from him in 2019.

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Written by Alessandra

A music journalist originally from the New York area who loves to speak and write about music of all different genres. The world of sound is filled with endless possibilities and experiences.