J. Lee AKA The Ghost Drops ”Mask On My Heart”

Emerging R&B/Hip-Hop artist J. Lee is releasing his new single “Mask On My Heart.” The Korean-American singer, songwriter and producer is steadily gaining momentum in the scene, especially with this new song. A prolific creator of urban sounds, the young J. Lee has all the skills to become one of the first major Korean-American artists in urban music. He just recently announced his upcoming single, “These Nights,” to drop on February 12. 

The chameleon of sound, aka The Ghost, can work around any given genre and “blend within it, whether it be a hard-hitting and dark rap, a powerfully emotive r&b song or a club banger”. He is part of this rare breed of artists that keep it real, laying-out the facts straight, plain, and honest, even explicitly honest. His bold nature is fueled by his desire to break all boundaries, especially to fight the western media’s portrayal of Asian men as passive and weak scientists. For J. Lee, the same applies to those who put you down and tell you that you won’t be able to manifest your dreams. J. lee shares; “I grew up as an immigrant and I had all sorts of bullshit lined up against me. Poor upbringings, bullies, problems within the family — I saw it all. After experiencing harassment and being told that I needed to fit certain roles in society for so long has taught me that only one person in the world can make your dreams come true: YOU. And that’s exactly what I do with all my music. I take the time to write, produce, record, mix, master, and do all this shit on my own because I want to be the best at what I do.”

His new joint, “Mask On My Heart,” was inspired by the people he has come across in the music industry and society in general, the kind of people who manipulate and try to use him while pushing forward their hidden intentions. He admits that he sometimes also has to put on a mask to protect himself, “ I’ve gotta make it through with a mask on my heart — being well-guarded and clairvoyant enough to see through all the bullshit.”

Powerful statements, inspiring lyrical abilities, and a fine flow is what aficionados of urban music will enjoy while listening to “Mask On My Heart” below:

Written by Lena

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