Promotional image for "WOMAN IN THE WALLS" which sees JACKPAL wearing a grey jacket over a white t-shirt with some silver chain necklaces and donning som sunglasses, with his arms open, looking at the camera while a bush with yellow flowers all over it is behind him. In his right hand he is holding one of the flowers.
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JACKPAL releases the romantic and charming single “WOMAN IN THE WALLS” alongside a space narrative music video

Arguably one of the best rising indie-pop talents around at the moment, JACKPAL doesn’t disappoint with the release of his incredibly romantic single “WOMAN IN THE WALLS” which also has a stunning astronaut music video. This is the follow-up track to his debut single “I WANNA MAKE YOU MINE”.

JACKPAL, real name Jack Powell, is a rising singer-songwriter hailing from Charleston, South Carolina. He is new in the music scene, finally building up the confidence that we see from him today, but that wasn’t always there and took some time for him to quietly gain. As a young teenager, he faced scrutiny and ridicule as an aspiring musician living in the South, but it wasn’t until his biggest bully turned things around for him; after stealing his phone and coming across his lyrics in his notes app, the bully in question quickly became his biggest fan and soon invited him over to his home recording studio, where they started writing and recording music together as friends. He hopes that his story can bring inspiration to many of his fans who may be going through difficult times, and he hopes to bring some light to their lives with his music. He dropped his debut single, “I WANNA MAKE YOU MINE”, in March 2023, and has already made a huge impact, going on to gain 306k Spotify streams. He hopes to continue to gain more and more success and grow his fanbase with every release, and he plans to drop his first project later in the year.

“’WOMAN IN THE WALLS’ is about having an emotional barrier surrounding yourself. The woman in the walls chose not to let anybody in, to make herself non-existent. My perspective in the song is as someone trying to get her trust but ultimately failing because she was never really there. No matter how hard you try to gain someone’s love or trust, if they’re not ready to receive it, you won’t succeed,” JACKPAL explains. “When writing the song it was difficult because I was in a relationship that was in the process of slowly destroying itself. I had so many things I wanted to say but couldn’t speak out loud because I was scared to admit that losing them could be a reality. I tried so hard to keep them around that I lost them in that process.”

Watch the official music video for “WOMAN IN THE WALLS” by JACKPAL here:

Written by Jack Powell and Tyler Clapper, whilst it has been produced by Noah Ehler and Noah Taylor, “WOMAN IN THE WALLS” is a theatrical pop ballad that fully allows JACKPAL to explore his vocal range and his ability to flood the song with deep soul. The track has elements of various genres sprinkled throughout from rock’n’roll to blues, which really gives a dynamic atmosphere to the track whilst JACKPAL shines with his vocal energy that guarantees to bring you chills. His vocal runs are off the charts and his soulful crisp notes in the chorus are top-tier. The song is relatable to many, as the lyrics dive in about wanting to be with the person you’re in a relationship with just as the relationship is falling apart, JACKPAL tries to showcase his devotion to this person, but they just aren’t ready to be loved and aren’t really a presence in the relationship – many of his listeners will be able to empathise deeply with these lyrics.

As for the music video, directed by Lucas O.M., JACKPAL is a visionary as he captures the exact essence of the song both in the narrative scenes and the performance scenes, as we watch an Interstellar-like music video. Starring Beya Espinoza as the woman in the walls, JACKPAL travels the universe to find her because that’s how devoted he is, only for her to disappear from him as he arrives in the same location as her. The tense visual plays with the viewer’s emotions, implanting hope into our minds as we watch the story unfold, only to leave us just as heartbroken as JACKPAL is by the end. Music video perfection, this is a visual that we can see going viral and one that will stay with us for years to come.

Stream the awesome brand-new single on Spotify here:

“WOMAN IN THE WALLS”, by JACKPAL, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. Look out for his upcoming first full project, set to be released later this year.

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