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Jackson Guthy Releases Remix of ‘Giants’ ahead of Planned Single ‘Two Little Lights’

After spending the last few years quietly honing his artistic voice and filling the storage on his phone with countless demos, Jackson Guthy made his first definitive statement as an artist when he released his single “Giants” – an impassioned refusal to conform to the expectations of others.

Today, Jackson teams up with Canadian based, multi-instrumentalist producer, Fairlane (Lowly/The Nations), for a remix of the indie-pop track. With a knack for delivering melodic and emotive instrumentation, Fairlane’s collaboration on ‘Giants,’ adds a larger range of beats, generating an additional layer of emotional depth to an already passionate song about defying the parameters of growing up in the 21st Century.

Since learning to play piano at the age of four, Jackson Guthy has devoted most of his life to creating music. His forthcoming project draws from nearly five years’ worth of material, but it wasn’t until late 2018 that Guthy fully immersed himself in assembling the EP.

Teaming up with Ray Nowak and Ethan Davis, he kicked off the project by reviewing the dozens of song sketches that Guthy cultivated and collected over the years. Just like the sound of Guthy’s voice, the trio of musicians embraced a deliberately free-from approach to songcraft and recording. That lack of calculation manifests in Guthy’s soulful vocal performance and in the unguarded honesty of his songwriting—an element he credits to the purposeful quiet of the past few years.

“I feel like I’ve finally been able to bring out parts of myself that would’ve stayed suppressed for a long time if I hadn’t let everything calm down for a while,” he says. “Because of all that, I’ve never felt so passionate about anything I’ve created before, or believed in anything so wholeheartedly.” And in sharing all those long-hidden fears and frustrations and dreams with the world, Guthy hopes that the sound of his raw emotion will spark a certain catharsis in his listeners.

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Guthy has his next single slated for July 16th release date. The new song will be called “Two Little Lights.”

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Written by Will Heffernan