Jacob Sartorius Releases New Single “Hit Or Miss”

Just when you thought that this thirteen-year-old rising star couldn’t possibly wear any more hats, Jacob Sartorius surprises us with yet another single. This time, he’s showing off his rapping skills.

Jacob released his sophomore single “Hit Or Miss” today, along with a lyric video (below). His debut song “Sweatshirt” has garnered just about 8 million streams on Spotify and over 20 million views on YouTube.

Jacob Sartorius Releases New Single "Hit Or Miss" 1

“Hit or Miss” by Jacob Sartorius is an upbeat song about growing up: As you get older, life also gets harder.

But it’s never too late to have fun. Sartorius starts rapping by the second verse and transforms the song into an all-out dance party.

The video features Jacob Sartorius riding shot gun as he ventures around Hollywood (and even makes a pit stop at In-N-Out), all while singing and rapping. Later on, Sartorius is joined by his friend Daniel Skye in the back seat. The two of them seem to be having the time of their lives.

As Jacob would say, “Let’s not worry bout tomorrow, we all good baby, we alright.” Don’t wait until tomorrow; check out this new release today!

The single is available now for download or streaming on iTunes and Spotify.


Written by CelebMix