Jake Lancer’s Mesmerizing “Baby Is The Moment” is a Fiery Dance Pop Treat

An eruptive pop paradise, queer artist Jake Lancer unleashes his single “Baby Is The Moment”. Through industrial electro-sonics and haunting vocals, the track draws you in with bold intensity. It is a tale of love and deceit drenched in radiance and raw passion. As he soulfully sings, “let him have his moment, baby is the moment” you can feel that intoxicating angst pushing through. Lancer is inspired by greats such as Lady Gaga and David Bowie. That influence is sensed in this seductive, synth-driven piece.

The singer grew up keeping his identity secret. He dreamed of creating music that motivates others to be their most authentic selves. Now he is out to the world, concocting releases that attract fans with hypnotizing sound and pure sincerity. This newfound self-acceptance has provided him the strength to help others. He does that not only within his music but also as his work as a therapist. His craft provides catharsis and we all could use a little healing in our lives.

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Written by LeahBlack

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