A collage of four photos in promotion for "Every Little Thing" which sees three full-size photos taking up each third of the image, with Jake Silva on the left, standing in New York and looking to the right while an LED image of himself is displayed on a screen behind him; Ferrigno is in the middle sitting amongst wheat in a fireld, and on the right is Frankie Sims performing a DJ set in a club and pointing right at the camera.

Jake Silva teams up with Ferrigno & Frankie Sims for the electro-energised dance single titled “Every Little Thing”

In their first-ever collaboration, Jake Silva, Ferrigno, and Frankie Sims drop their hyper-dance single, “Every Little Thing”, pouring down electronic vibes all around us. This addictive electronically-charged track is full of high-energy club beats that are sure to make you get up and move. This follows up Jake Silva and Ferrigno’s collaboration with Amari on the single “Dance” whereas this is Frankie Sims’ debut single.

Jake Silva is a New York City-based Portuguese DJ and producer who is quickly becoming one of the most exciting rising dance music artists around at the moment. His ability to lay beats, create melodies, and remix other artists’ songs is what is allowing him to make such an impact. He made a name for himself early on in his career when he dropped a remix of Gala’s “Freed From Desire”. His experience playing a residence at New York City’s iconic LAVO club has prepared him for shows all across the US with him performing in a variety of cities including Miami, Boston, and Philadelphia. He is a huge soccer/football fan, following the sport alongside his music career. He has gained attention from industry icons and has gone on to perform alongside the likes of Dzeko, Bassjackers, Nicky Romero, Borgeous, Quintino, R3HAB and many more. His most-streamed single on Spotify is his collaboration with Ferrigno & Amari, titled “Dance”, which has hundreds of thousands of streams. He is set to be one to watch over the next couple of years or so, as he continues to make a name for himself in the EDM industry.

As for Ferrigno, full name Vittorio Ferrigno, he is an Italian DJ who was originally born in Monzo but grew up in Palmero. He is known for his versatility in his DJ sets and he has gone on to reflect that in his music releases, He has established himself in his home country, going on to become an important act for the Palmero music festival known as Unlocked Music Festival in 2016, 2017, and 2019. He has performed alongside the likes of Hardwell, Paul Kalkbrenner, and Gigi D’Agostino, and he has also performed at official after-shows for Fight Entertainment where guests included Sfera Ebbasta, Capo Plaza, and Nitro. He continues to show his driven-led attitude with his consistent releases and he is quickly rising in the music industry as many of his releases boast hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify with his collaboration with Markhese, titled “Tonight”, being his most-streamed track with over half a million streams on the platform.

Then there’s Frankie Sims who is a New York City-born DJ and producer who got his start by performing at local venues, at a young age, learning and honing his craft. In doing so, he has managed to build his DJ career in New York, going on to play in some of the city’s biggest venues including LAVO and Harbor. He has been building his fan base, ever since, gaining dedicated fans after giving unforgettable electrifying performances. He has gone on to perform alongside the likes of R3HAB, Topic, JSTJR, and PressPlay. Ready to showcase to the world his undeniable talent, Frankie Sims is prepared to make an impact with his music releases.

Written by the three artists themselves, “Every Little Thing” is a high-energy dance track that is an absolute storm of a tune, bringing bouncing beats and unforgettable percussion elements, determined to get you moving on the dancefloor. A total party anthem that is bound to link club memories with the track itself, it really has that unforgettable vibe going for it. Using the strengths of each of the artists, we hear twisted drops, electro-charged production elements, and deep-house melodies. Add that to the addictive lyrics that are paired with a soulful ’90s-reminiscent male vocal and Jake Silva, Ferrigno, and Frankie Sims really have created a club banger that will permanently live in our party playlists, and “Every Little Thing” deserves to be in yours too.

Stream “Every Little Thing” by Jake Silva, Ferrigno & Frankie Sims on Spotify here:

“Every Little Thing” by Jake Silva, Ferrigno & Frankie Sims is available to download and stream right now, across all platforms, via Groove Bassment.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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