Single cover artwork for "H E A R T B E A T" by Jakob The Liar which is a white image with a black stencilled real-looking heart shown in the middle, with the artist's name underneath.

Jakob The Liar drops his new alt-pop-rock story-telling single titled “H E A R T B E A T”

Making an impact with the release of his brand new single, Jakob The Liar gives alt-pop-rock in the form of the awesome “H E A R T B E A T”. This is the first single to be taken from his forthcoming debut studio album. It follows up the release of his 2021 single “Sweet Surrender”.

Jakob The Liar, real name Jakob Kupferberg, is a Danish-born London-based singer-songwriter. He gets his name from the titular character in Jurek Becker’s book “Jacob The Liar” which was later made into a film starring Robin Williams. His music is very imaginative, using his lyrical content to paint a picture to his audience and transport his listeners into his world – in doing so, he manages to convey relatable content that makes an impact on everyone who hears his music. He has tens of thousands of Spotify streams to his name with “Crystallised in Moonshine” being his most-streamed track on the platform.

Written by Jakob Kupferberg, whilst it has been produced by Daniel Mells and Oliver McKiernan, with drums by Sebastian Hankins, and Tim Debney mastering the track, “H E A R T B E A T” tells a visionary story that draws the listener in from the get-go. Set in the backseat of a car, the track brings a sense of the feeling of being trapped inside oneself but for a fleeting moment of passion between two people occurs the chance of freedom. The lyrics place every listener right into the conceptualised scene that Jakob The Liar has created just for us. The track starts off almost acapella, showcasing Jakob The Liar’s brilliant passionate vocals before the track progresses into a pop-rock mainstream vibe that deserves to be added to all of our favourite playlists.

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“H E A R T B E A T”, by Jakob The Liar, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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