James McVey Appears On Sky News To Discuss Beating Bullying

James McVey is no stranger to speaking out about the issues many face in their lives. This year he has already made multiple appearances on LBC talking out about social media, bullying, and exam stress. We recently explored the importance of these appearances, and you can read this article here.

With today being Stand Up To Bullying Day, James made an appearance on Sky News to speak out about his own experience of bullying and to give advice to others who may be facing it. Bullying is an issue sadly many face at one point in their life. As James explained, he became a victim of it himself whilst at school, just like the 43% of school age people currently facing it. It doesn’t have to end there – it can lead into later life, even whilst in jobs away from the school playground. The increasing use of social media means walking away from bullies is no longer an option, a topic which James explored during his LBC appearance.

Understanding the isolation which bullying can bring, James provides the key advice of standing up to it, especially today on Stand Up To Bullying Day and to remember most importantly…

You don’t have to suffer alone

You can watch more of his appearance here.

If you are being bullied or would like more information on Stand Up To Bullying day, head to http://www.standuptobullying.co.uk/.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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