Jarid Root Drops his EP Devil’s Advocate Along with the New Thrilling Video for “My Bed’s a Magnet”

Jarid Root unleashes his hypnotizing new EP Devil’s Advocate. With a spine-chilling air, the EP is so compelling and raw. The offering is all about learning to find empowerment after years of self-hatred. It focuses on coming to terms with trauma from his youth and many profound social issues.

The second song off the release “My Bed’s a Magnet” is an intoxicating track detailing a need to escape from the craziness of reality. The haunting pop arrangements and passionate vocals make this single a strong, penetrating piece. The video is just as gripping as the song itself. Displaying the singer literally chained to a bed squirming to break free, that discomfort is instantly felt. His smoldering eyes staring into the camera also add to the intensity of the visuals.

“Down & Out” is another dark tune that will ignite your senses. With his eerie voice gliding atop tingling electronic sounds, the song centers on the concept of good vs. evil in terms of sexuality.

Concluding with “Tug My Teeth” it possesses a vibe of Billie Eilish’s “Bury a Friend”. The piercing piano paired with his sinister tone gives listeners an unnerving feeling. It’s the ultimate anthem of hopelessness and sorrow.

Root does it all. A singer, songwriter, director and producer he has a deep love for all facets of the arts. An Illinois native he grew up in a small town and then moved to Louisiana by eight. Always traveling to make his dream a reality, he eventually moved with his family to Bakersfield to be closer to Los Angeles. Now he has blossomed into the captivating talent he is today.


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