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Jax Jones Revives The Eurodance Genre on “Where Did You Go?”

Ready to shake off the winter blues? Jax Jones has just dropped the perfect soundtrack for some desperately needed dynamic during this pandemic.

Lots of artists seem to be finding some joy (again) in the famous Eurodance genre these days (and we couldn’t be more excited about it). The iconic style originated back in the 1980s and reflected a collective desire to have fun, party and be happy. Those are feelings that everyone can resonate with after having lived in a pandemic for the last couple of years so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that artists might gravitate towards it. The genre brought us hits such as “No Limit”, “Rhythm of the Night” or the iconic “Cry For You” which was recently sampled by Charli XCX in her Top 40 hit “Beg For You“. Today, her peer Jax Jones, follows suit and hops onto the new Eurodance wave by releasing his track “Where Did You Go?”.

“Where Did You Go?” arrives as an homage to the genre, created in the hopes of bring joy and a feeling of unity and togetherness to his listeners. For the track, the DJ recruited his long-time friend MNEK who was featured on one of his earliest works and has writing credits on most of the producer’s tracks ever since. We have to admit, their new collab is a banger. The track immediately pulls the listener in with its very classic Eurodance-y hook, followed by a more than catchy chorus. “Where Did You Go?” is every bit as uplifting as it is euphoric and it will keep you singing and dancing until the morning light.

Listen to the track right here:

If the Eurodance fever has caught you now and you want to relive the glory days of the genre, you can do so by listening to the DJ’s playlist (we put the link down below). Included are the obvious bangers by Corona or Sash! but also some more forgotten gems by Basshunter, Groove Coverage and DJ Bobo. Enjoy and get your groove on:

“Where Did You Go?” by Jax Jones & MNEK was released via Astralwerks / Universal Music. It is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice. Be sure to find yours by clicking here.

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