Jean-Mikhael releases new track ‘Rollin’ ft. Realz

Singer-songwriter Jean-Mikhael has just released his latest single ‘Rollin’ via OTOD Records. The new single features Grime heavyweight Realz. The two have also released a music video accompanying the track.

‘Rollin’ follows the release of Jean-Mikhael’s debut EP, The Deal, which reached #8 on iTunes’ R&B/Soul charts.

Described as the lovechild of Prince and Megan Thee Stallion, the West Londoner is pushing the boundaries within pop and R&B. Jean-Mikhael’s lyrical craft is partnered with charming melodies and rich vocals, which delivers an altogether empowering message. 

“Rollin means a lot of things to me. I had to read the lyrics and listen to the song a few times after I recorded it because I found deeper meaning to what I had recorded. It comes across as a fun tune which is true but also it takes on what society and my generation today is like when we are in relationships or as some say situationships,” Jean-Mikhael states in a press release. 

He continues, “We aren’t always so serious and we lose honesty sometimes when it comes to communication and letting someone know our feelings or what the stance is with our relationship. I think people are afraid to express that they want just sex, a good time, fun, to live life, to not have a commitment and on the other hand afraid to say they want commitment. I think the lyrics are words people want to say to each other but are finding it hard to build the courage to say it. It’s a song of expression and no boundaries.” 

Watch the video for ‘Rollin’ below: 

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