Jenna Jameson is sixth to be evicted from the CBB house

Jenna Jameson is the sixth housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Emma Willis asked the adult movie star on how she felt when she and the rest of the housemates watched the nominations back on the sofas. ”I was a bit taken back by James because I’m friends with him, we’re cool with each other and he didn’t have a good excuse for nominating me” she explained.

When Emma asked Jenna why Farrah never went at her in the house, she said: ”I think she kinda looked up to me, I think that I kinda tempered her. You could see a big difference between her when she first went into the house to her at the end.”

She also added: ”She grew a bit, she’s a young girl and I wanted to be a good influence, you know?”.

The interview continued with Emma asking Jenna if she thought James was playing a game, ”Absolutely, God bless him for it.”

Janice Dickinson came up during the interview and intrigued Emma asked why Janice irritates people. ”I get whiplash: She’ll wake up in the morning and be super kind – like overly weirdly kind, and slowly but surely she converts to this raving lunatic” Jenna insisted.

Written by CelebMix