jessa’s ‘Saying I’m Fine’: A Lyrical Look at Facing Problems After Running From them For too Long

On the 28th March Bronx based artist jessa released her brand new single ‘Saying I’m Fine’. The track has lyrics that perfectly highlight the vulnerability that she wanted to be highlighted in the track. She explores the theme of saying you are fine when you are not. In which, a lot of people may relate to the track because a lot of people feel they do not want to burden people like family and friends with any of their problems.

The track was produced by Brooklyn’s, Invisible Will (Anna Shoemaker, Ricky James). In which, the track has an amazing production value that perfectly compliments jessa’s soulful vocals. With guitars tones and organ chords that echo and set the stage for jessa’s vocals, the instruments perfectly showcases her unique voice.

In this brand new track, jessa showcases a raw and realistic lyrical look at the theme of the track and tackles the emotional burden of constantly running away from problems. It is clear to see that Jessa has a talent for taking her own person experience and turning them into lyrics that tell stories.

Anyone one their own journeys will love jessa’s brand new single and will hopefully know that it is okay to not be okay. In addition to not run away from problems, to face them head on. If you are looking for an artist who is not afraid to be vulnerable and authentic, then jessa is eager to share her story with listeners.

She is a promising artist with a soulful voice. We cannot wait to see what is next from Jessa on her artistry journey. As she continues to evolve and grow as an artist her music will be the perfect vehicle for helping her to reach a wider audience. Along with the messages she wants the audience to hear in her lyrics.

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Written by Emily Severn

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