Screenshot from the official music video for "Could Be The One" which sees Jill Marie Cooper walking down the street at night with a cream coat on and a checkered scarf. She has her left hand on her heart as she sings at the camera.

Jill Marie Cooper drops the music video for “Could Be The One” on Valentine’s Day with a surprise ending

Dropping a loved-up music video on Valentine’s Day, Jill Marie Cooper stuns us all with “Could Be The One” yet the ending blows everyone away. The crazily addictive track is the perfect song to be included on heart-felt playlists. This music video follows up her official music video for her incredible Christmas song, “Christmas Feels Like Home”.

Jill Marie Cooper is a singer-songwriter who has been building her career for years and has already gained incredible accomplishments. She got her first start as part of Strictly Come Dancing’s house band as a vocalist, this soon led to being invited to appear on the first episode of the first series of The Voice UK, where she was the last contestant to perform for the coaches on that episode, singing Jessie J’s “Mama Knows Best” and getting a four-chair turn. She ended up joining team but sadly got knocked out in the battle rounds. Regardless, her profile increased leading to incredible gigs and events, as well as starring in the West End show Rip it Up the 60s in 2019 where she received a standing ovation from Lulu on Opening Night for her version of ‘Piece of My Heart’. She’s sung for the likes of Nile Rodgers and Narada Michael Walden (producer and writer for Whitney Houston) and has performed at the Brit Awards as part of the London Community Gospel Choir accompanying Justin Timberlake in 2018 and P!nk in 2019. She has been releasing music since 2017, with her debut single being “Cry Baby”. She crowd-funded her debut EP in 2020 titled “After Pain Comes Life” and her more recent music has gone on to gain hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams, with her Christmas song “Christmas Feels Like Home” being her most streamed song on the platform, with “Why Can’t You Love Me Now” and “Number One“, close behind respectively. With the release of the adorable music video for “Could Be The One”, Jill Marie Cooper is more than ready to take 2023 by storm.

Talking about what inspired her when writing the track Jill Marie Cooper had a quick note to say: “Finding true love in a world where it is so hard to be fully known and hard to be vulnerable.”

Watch the music video to “Could Be The One” by Jill Marie Cooper here:

This music video is sure to make your heart melt. With production, sound, and direction coming from Alejandro Palada of Palada Productions – who is also Jill Marie Cooper’s partner and who also gets a cameo at the end of the visual – “Could Be The One” is an adorable performance-based music video where this beautiful singer-songwriter floods the song with emotion and passion as she makes eyes at the camera making us feel like we’re part of the story and involved as she walks down the street or sings whilst in the taxi. During the taxi scene, she gets a text from her partner asking her if she’s on her way, so the viewers then realise she’s going to meet up with the one she loves, the one this song is all about. Intercut throughout is a studio session of Jill Marie Cooper recording the song – once again showcasing how much this song means to her. As she arrives at the meeting place, the video cuts off before we watch Alejandro Palada propose in an unforgettable ending and making it a day she’ll never forget – she clearly wasn’t expecting it and replied by saying, “What? Oh my gosh! Yes, yes, yes,” and “Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful.” Congratulations to both of you (they’ve since got married, back in December 2022, so another congrats to the happy couple).

As for the song, it was written by Alejandro Palada and Jill Marie Cooper, whilst it was produced by the former, and it just is a stunning heart-melting track full of love and endearment. “Could Be The One” has a hard-hitting R&B bassline with progressive beats and whistle tones which all wrap around Jill Marie Cooper’s gorgeous emotive vocals that truly encapsulates true love in all its forms and sends it out to every listener. Lyrically, the track was inspired by finding a soulmate who truly loves you for you and believing in your heart that they do as they continue to prove it to you time and time again in an ever-changing world.

Stream the track on Spotify right now:

“Could Be The One” by Jill Marie Cooper was originally released a year ago in 2022 and is available to download and stream across all platforms. She, most recently, released an acoustic version of the track, which is also available to download and stream right now.

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