BTS’ Jimin unveils first solo project ‘Promise’

After hinting and promising fans that he will indeed release a solo project before the end of 2018, BTS member Jimin has unveiled his first solo activity fittingly titled ‘Promise.’

In a tweet posted to the BTS account he stated that this was a song to himself but also to their fans ‘ARMY.’

You guys waited a while, right? I finally got to reveal my own song This is a song for me, but it’s also a song for you guys It’s my first [song], and I’m a little inexperienced.. but please listen to it a lot.Thank you to the ARMYs who waited for it’

Promise’ is Jimin’s first time being credited as a composer while also being participating as a lyricist alongside member RM (Namjoon.)

The beautiful song is carried only by a guitar and Jimin’s stunning vocals truly shining on the track and showcases his unique vocal colour and range across the short yet sweet song. The moving lyrics feature the lines:

I want you to be your light baby, You should be your light,So that you are no longer in pain, so you could smile, I want you to be your night baby, You should be your night, So that this night could be more honest to you .”

The song itself accompanied by the soft angelic vocals from Jimin feel like a comforting hug, making ‘Promise’ a beautiful parting gift to 2018 and a positive message for entering 2019, reminding us to remember to be kind to ourselves and be alright, even in the loneliest of times.

You can listen to ‘Promise’ below, and let us know what you think about the song by tweeting the CelebMix account!

Written by Ellie Nicholas

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