Jimmy Eat World Release New Single

It’s been a very impatient wait for Jimmy Eat World fans since Damage. After having released no music for the last three years, Jimmy Eat World have finally surprised their fans with a new song named Get Right.

On August 18th, the official Facebook page posted a link to their website with the caption “stay tuned.” This immediately sparked interest from fans across the world as the discussion started. There is a lot of excitement around the band getting back together.

On the 20th, the band announced that they were going to premier their new single live on BBC Radio 1. Excitement started straight away. The band have been away for a while and it’s exciting to have them back. Last year, lead singer Jim Adkins released a solo album. This caused panic with fans, thinking the band may split but they’re back!

Get Right was premiered today on BBC Radio 1. Along with it, a lot of excitement for maybe an upcoming album and tour has been around. Fans from across the world are very excited that the band are coming back!

Written by CelebMix